Business Ideas for Innovative Companies

business ideas. Business innovation through research

A company that is based on research of new products is 3M. For example, the success of what we now all know as the tape comes from the experiments of this company.


This product was not practical at first. But later it occurred as a temporary glue objects.

The lesson is that when developing new innovative business ideas , products or services does not generate an expense but an investment.

Business ideas: The brand sells

Many small businesses lose focus to running a business , and forget that they are not just selling a product or service but also your brand. This lesson clearly see Coca-Cola.

It is not the fact of spending billions of dollars in marketing, but to have the brand on everything that is done, not only in product but in promotional products that people want, clothes, the color of the logo, and link the brand with a personality, in the case of Coca-Cola we relate it to tradition, staying with family, always present.

Business ideas : Know your market

A producer, writer and director in the United States is well known is Tyler Perry. He understands the fact of knowing your market, your sole and exclusive market are black people.

By creating their works, films and performances, all designed to meet your needs: stock characters, situations that they know, how to speak, and so on.

Business ideas : Free profitable

The business idea of free, is synonymous with economic loss. However, it can be profitable for free.

For example, a form of Internet businesses is the blog. This is to give free information on a topic. However, we see that there are ways to make money online in this free content, advertising, adsense, products, recommendations, consultations, conferences, etc..

As a matter of finding a post-earnings get (make money later) than free.

business ideas. Competing on Differentiation

When we can not win the price competition, differentiation can win either be different for better service, different products or different market.

Self as Superama companies compete in a niche different from Walmart: the sale of exclusive products to high class.

Another company that is competing against Walmart Whole Foods Market. Its strategy is to sell only fresh produce direct from farms and farmers. (Recommendation: successful businesses in Mexico )

Business ideas. Innovation processes

A process is the way to do something. For example, a company that innovated their processes against the rest of the industry was McDonalds.

While the competition (food hamburger) had classical processes of family cooking as so much meat to use, use a grill for all, not taking care of hygiene, ETC.