Innovation to achieve success in SMEs

The Lounge acts of building multiple municipal services of Malaga welcomed yesterday morning the seventh meeting promoting SMEs 2013. To him, approached more than 170 entrepreneurs from small and medium-sized enterprises to learn about innovative strategies presented by the driving companies. Deutsche Bank, Microsoft, Sanitas, Cadena Ser, JCDecaux, Cesce, Iberia Plus company, Endesa, post, Sage, Ono, Philips, Enisa, Arsys, Schober, Ayudasaunclic, Womenalia, Nespresso, Europcar, CuVitt, Dintel Foundation and Avalon the network of experts are the 22 companies involved in this initiative. Promoting SMEs held yesterday morning in the seventh meeting of the 2013 Edition. Between 9:00 and 11:00 h, the Lounge acts of building multiple municipal services of Malaga hosted more than 170 entrepreneurs from small and medium-sized enterprises. The opening of the meeting, which had the support of the city of Malaga, was conducted by the Mrs. Ms. Esther Molina Crespo, delegate of the Government Department for business promotion and employment.

Innovation to achieve success in SMEs

Molina said: \”Desde the city of Malaga we are clear that the Administration has to play a fundamental role in supporting business initiatives because there are people behind the companies and the future of SMEs depend on job creation and economic recovery in the city. Our momentum is materialized in measures such as streamlining of administrative procedures to open a business, the summons of subsidies to freelancers and entrepreneurs for more than one and half million euros this year, offering specific training and advice and, of course, the support of meetings like this, promoting SMEs, that allow to create the necessary synergies in a context in which cooperation”, innovation and internationalisation have to form an indispensable part of any business project. \”

Through 10 microponencias 10 minutes, driving companies presented 10 innovative strategies that will grow the business in the area. As a novelty this year, has been created the Ono award best 2013 SME. Each city will have a local SME which will choose the final prize to be delivered on June 19, during the meeting in Madrid. Malaga has been Xtraice, creative company and only manufacturer of eco-friendly ice world, which presented their project to the attendees.

In addition, Iberia Plus company held “Support to SMEs” sweepstakes, which surrendered a prize of 1,500 points equivalent to a flight company round-trip to Europe class tourist full among the attendees.

Financing, innovation, internationalisation and energy efficiency are the pillars on promoting SMEs for the development of industrial and business fabric. Through driving the project companies, promoting SMEs offers both ideas and specific services to implement them.

After three months in which promoting SMEs has toured much of the peninsula, the road show flies now to the Canary Islands, specifically to Santa Cruz de Tenerife, on 9 May.

Promoting SMEs it is a movement that will build trust and bring optimism to the Spanish business fabric, closer to small and medium-sized businesses the knowledge and experience of leading companies of renowned.