Infidelity and evidence of paternity by DNA in Mexico

Paternity by DNA tests: DNA is a test most accredited scammers of laboratory of 20 years of experience around the world, the realization of paternity by DNA tests, population and more companies recognized in Mexico. According to Wikipedia: “a paternity DNA test is one that aims to prove paternity, this is determine ascending kinship in first grade between an individual and a man (presumed father) using the genetic material of the presumed father, the supposed son or daughter. ”

In a post entitled”what as infidels we are Mexicans?, an investigation conducted by the GfK company about infidelity in Latin America, with a survey to more than 6 thousand people in different countries of the region, revealed that in Mexico:”the deception to the couple with a person with whom he maintains a friendship comprises 49% being the percentage lower in comparison with other countries.”

Infidelity and evidence

This test are exposed, more cases, fewer cases, much of the artists, sports stars, characters public and successful, in general, male, as explained in a previous note.

So: do with whom Mexicans betray their partners? Friends 49% 21% co-workers One night stand 17% sex paid 8% other 10%

As those who are more infidels in Mexico, the survey results show that they are the capital (ohh DF) with 23%, then there are Guadalajara with 22%, and then the Regal with 11 percent.

It is assumed that this may have to do with the population density of these cities and the change in behavior in the urban environment.

With regard to the stage of life where more infidelity occurs stands age range between 33 and 45 years old, with a record of 3 out of every 10.

By gender, men outnumber women in terms of infidelity with 29% versus 12% of women. It should be noted that, among those who have been unfaithful to their partners 74% have children.

Perhaps, then, one of the reasons that can explain the rise of paternity tests with DNA in Mexico is that question that some fathers and mothers are made: “the baby is mine?”

In Mexico there are no less than 10 top companies providing the service of test of paternity using DNA. Among them, DNA examination based in Puebla, who has own laboratories in various cities and an efficient shipping service of the pack test with instructions so that the person concerned will collect the samples.

DNA examination is an accredited laboratory with more than 20 years of global experience, conducting paternity testing by DNA, population and most recognized companies in Mexico.