PPG Industry and investment 40 million pesos

The company, through this project, renew its technology a and business strengthening, strategy, its commitment to the pa s. PPG Industries, the main company of paint and specialty products in the world, announces the overhaul of its production plant located in the town of Pilar. Through an important investment n of 40 million pesos the company to reinforces its commitment with the country and with its customers by adding equipment tecnol, gico and reinforcing its commercial strategy in Argentina.


In this way, PPG Industries reconverts operation in Argentina, always under its three pillars leading to its actions at global level: innovation, sustainability and leadership in color.

With its new business strategy PPG estimates approaching n m s customers, acting with the m s complete portfolio of paintings and bringing m s and best solutions to the market.

Modifications in your plant, allow you n to PPG Industries expand the development of the national industry, replace imports and improve their positioning.

This project is part of a strategic gica compa n decision to globally increase the possibilities of producci n in Argentina, destac Carlos Olivera Santa Cruz Director President of PPG Industries for the Southern Cone. And added: it is a pleasure to reaffirm our presence and commitment to the country and we are grateful to our customers who faithfully we accompany an in our decisions, our growth and strengthening in the region n.

One of the main pillars of this project, focus on output n in areas of expertise of the company a, as it has done in other plants, highlighting his knowledge and specialization n in the industry, repainted automotive and industrial paints (white line l and machinery agr tail, among others).

PPG Industries desembarc in Argentina in the 1996 and 2000 instal its productive plant of high technology to destac ndose high levels of quality, n innovation and sustainability.

Today, PPG Industries is a global supplier of paints, optical products, specialty materials, glass and fiber glass. Its products include the brands of paints PPG, GLOBAL, DELTRON, AUTOCOLOR, DURANAR, SIGMA COATINGS, AMERCOAT and the new nea in Argentina ENVIROBASE l.

PPG Industries paints protect aircraft, golf balls, vile circuits, gaskets, appliances, plastics, flooring, car plates, bridges and buildings. PPG optical and specialty materials used in high-performing lenses or in applications ranging from passports electr nicos to vile automatically pastes ecol strategic. Aircraft windshields and Windows of houses and office towers, used glasses of PPG Industries.

A 130 to you of your fundaci n, PPG Industries contin to keeping the true spirit of Ford and Pitcairn esp, bring innovation N to the surface, to offer technology as, services, and other unique solutions to customers in a wide variety of markets and locations geogr datasheets.

About PPG Industries

PPG Industries is the main company of paints and specialty products in the world. As l der in innovation, sustainability and color, PPG Industries helps its clients in industrial markets, transportaci n, consumer products and construction n, and also in markets of information, to enhance a greater number of surfaces to those offered by any other company. Founded in 1883, PPG Industries is headquartered in Pittsburgh, and carries out commercial operations in 70 pa ses in the world.