Industrial week i shall be carried out in different houses of studies in the area, organized by the students Association of the specialty. Aula Magna USM students will receive on April 3. With the aim of generating instances of knowledge in their area of study, students of Civil Engineering of the region of Valparaíso will meet in different houses of studies in the area, within the framework of the Industrial week I, itinerant day which includes 4 days of talks and panels and that will be extended from 1 to 4 April.

The Industrial week I is an initiative arising among students of Civil Engineering of several universities, including the University of Valparaiso, Universidad de Playa Ancha, Universidad Técnica Federico Santa María, Universidad de Las Américas and Pontificia Universidad Católica de Valparaíso, with the objective of founding the Association of students of Valparaiso Industrial Engineering. It has a value of $2000 attending every day of the Congress.

industrial engineers

The program covers the following exhibitions:
Monday, April 1, at the Aula Magna of the UDLA will take place the day “Industrial competences”, that includes talk masterful Oscar Cáceres, while that at 10 a.m. 11.30 hours shall be the panel “Skills of the Industrial Engineer in the construction of a socially responsible company”, with the participation of Luis Espinoza Brito (Director of the Department of industry and economy of the UPLA); Markus Müller (of the Chilean Agency for energy efficiency); Aldo Araneda (Director of the master in technological innovation and entrepreneurship of the USM); Karina Toledo (head of communications in link-PUCV) and Loreto Méndez (head of labour competencies of ChileValora). The day ends at 1330 hours by the masterful talk of presidential pre-candidate Andres Velasco.

Tuesday, April 2 the activities shall be carried out at the Municipal Theater of Valparaíso, under the theme “Regional economy”. Roberto Fantuzzi, ASEXMA director, while a Masterclass will be held at 10 a.m. 11.30 hours will be “Industrial Economics” panel, which will count with the participation of representatives of EPV, SAAM, Codelco Andina and Google. At 1330 hours shall be the panel “How to improve the economy through innovation”, with the participation of Mauricio Silva (Secretary Ministry of economy), Héctor Marchant (Secretary Executive cleaner production), Walter Rosenthal (Director of Incubadora Chrysallis) and Omar Rojas (Advisor of economy of the Government of Chile)

On Wednesday, April 3 the appointment is in the Aula Magna of the Universidad Técnica Federico Santa María, with the Conference “Challenges to entrepreneurship”. At 10 o’clock will dictate the masterful talk of Fernando Flores, Director of the National Council on innovation for competitiveness. At 1130 hours will start the panel “challenges for Regional entrepreneurship, with the participation of Víctor Fuentes (Regional Director of CORFO); Luis Rivera (regional Director of SERCOTEC); Natalia González (Executive WAYRA) and Andrés Castillo (Executive of the 3IE Institute). The day ends at 1330 hours, when you begin the masterful Mauro Grossi, director of the project Analytyka consultants talk.

Thursday April 4, the day “Public policy” will take place in the plenary session of the National Congress Hall. At 9: 00 will give a master class Senator Francisco Chahuán; While at 10.30, will be held a “presidential Panel”, which will feature the pre-candidates Franco Parisi, Tomás Jocelyn-Holt, Marcel Claude and Claudio Orrego.