Assisted reproduction clinics increase customers through social networks

According to the study carried out by lainfertilidad. among more than 8,000 users of the portal, 85% of women prefer direct contact between all of them to share experiences and information to make decisions about the techniques of assisted reproduction which are going to submit lainfertilidad, portal specialized in providing information of assisted reproduction, it notes the adoption of social networks by the clinics of assisted reproduction as tools of loyalty and treatment of persons they used reproductive health services. The use of social networks gives a trust between customers and clinics for a greater rapprochement between them and provide a self-help to overcome difficulties to conceive in the traditional way.

increase customers

An estudio-encuesta more than 8,000 women of the portal is no longer revealed that 85% of women appreciate direct contact between all of them to share experiences and information that will help them make the best decision. The study shows that 86% of Internet users who use social networks in assisted reproduction centres are women who are between 25 and 34 years.

Another aspect retrieved from data extracted by the portal is that the clinics with more recommendation and reputation among the customers are those centres most used communication tools and social networks.

The project started in 2003 as a self-help treatment for its founders after his personal experience. He was born with the aim of providing an effective tool and support this group on the Internet and therefore it has positioned itself as one of the portals of reference in the field of reproductive health.

lainfertilidad.comis a portal to help people who have difficulty conceiving naturally. Provides up-to-date information on the disease, its causes, treatments of assisted reproduction, the law governing it, centers where carried, directory of specialized psychologists, centers of natural therapies. Among other resources, user will provide communication tools such as the specialized forums, where users can request a second opinion to the medical team that works, make queries to the psychologist, or participate in the chat that has several specialized rooms (one of them by a gynecologist).