‘Engage with more than 40 online’ free IEBS seminar in search of an alternative to the des

Online seminar will be held during the weekend from 7 to 9 September the difficult situation of the labour market in Spain is causing many professionals of high level and with a long history to lose their jobs. Executives and managers with so much talent can not be desaprovechados while they fatten the feared unemployment lists and take on the internet is a great opportunity, though for many of them it is a threat because it is a market that unknown.

Internet now offers endless opportunities for those who are interested in starting your own business. With the aim of advise and offer some clues about the real possibilities that the network has to offer, the business school of innovation and the entrepreneurs, IEBS, has prepared the seminar online “Undertaken with more of 40 on the Internet”, in which stakeholders will have the opportunity to learn the experience of three entrepreneurs for success in the online world:

IEBS seminar

Jesus Monleon, they will be your experience as an entrepreneur through eMagister case and the errors committed in his first draft as an entrepreneur. Meanwhile, Oscar Sanchez, who said that “for those who are thinking of starting a project, are professionals with experience but little motivated, believe that things can be done differently, see untapped, and are convinced that lost time: the best thing is to become an entrepreneur”, will explain how a project multiplied by 10. Finally, Oscar source, mentor of Seedrocket and Professor of IEBS, shall advise attendees for the duration of the seminar on the development of their projects and ideas.

Through his visions, stakeholders may know the steps to follow in a venture, develop, and validate their ideas, as well as to choose the business model that suits them and develop and validate the idea and business model, assemble a balanced team and perform an action plan by avoiding the most common mistakes. Also, the seminar aims to link students with other people who are in the same situation, and perhaps become a work team and a successful project.

Online seminar, to be held during the weekend of 7 to September 9, is free for those who make a course with IEBS for the first time. Stakeholders can make your registration online here.

In addition to continue betting for entrepreneurs, IEBS tries to facilitate the return to the labour market for all those professionals who have lost their jobs in recent months as a result of the economic crisis.