Ideas simple business that became millionaires products

The tourism industry is a huge market to undertake since travel is a favorite for a large percentage of the population activities and then there is much money to be made in this sector. On a previous occasion, they shared a guide to create an ecotourism business this time I share another guide on video but focused on the business of travel and tourism in general. In the video, we see the keys to successfully start and run your own travel agency and several useful tips to make your company thrive in this great industry.


The ecotourism or ecological tourism has become a growth industry, more and more people prefer this alternative form of tourism and the governments of different countries are betting heavily to the development of projects in this sector.

What is ecotourism?

It is an alternative tourism where industry activities focused on sustainability, preservation, appreciation of the environment natural and cultural that welcomes and sensitizes travelers. It is one of the fastest growing segments in the tourism industry in recent years, a situation that makes this industry a great niche market to create sustainable enterprises.

Tips for creating an ecotourism business

If you are interested in this industry, then I share a video guide with details about ecotourism what you need to develop a business project. Many people believe that in order to undertake need an idea extremely complex business, however, history has shown us that there is no need to reinvent the wheel to launch a successful business even often it depends more on the commitment and determination that the very idea itself.

I found an interesting info graphic where we have 10 cases of entrepreneurs who started with ideas simple business and then became millionaire’s products we all know and have ever used. They are inspiring stories. After reviewing the info graphic I invite you to read these 20 tips to create millions thoughts there you will see several interesting clues for ideas with potential to become business of millions of dollars.