For many companies, marketing is essential to business growth and development. Marketing projects can help your company to develop a sustainable and effective promotional plan that can support your organizational goals. When planning a marketing campaign, consider new projects which will put the brand message in front of your audience in unexpected ways.

marketing projects

Signs on the floor

Instead of using banners or posters to promote your product or service, use signs on the floor to capture the attention of your target audience. Work with a printer to design adhesive signs bear even a lot, and place them in unexpected places. Focus on local grocery stores, cafes, department stores or malls and requests put the signs for a price. Businesses appreciate the opportunity to make some extra money by allowing you to put the posters, so you can reach customers in a place where you do not expect. Use signals that make creative use of space to interact with your product, could indicate the size of your product, for example, or point to surrounding elements that relate to your business.

Strange cards

Because a business card is a marketing tool standard in most industries, you can use an unusual way to wow your prospects to pay attention. As part of a global marketing campaign, implementing a project that involves the design and distribution of cards is designed to ask questions and to have a greater commitment to the system. You can print a set of four cards that come together to form a puzzle or complete a budget, have each card design is just confusing and interesting enough to arouse the curiosity of the viewers. You can also use unusual materials to make cards like the expandable rubber, textured materials, metal, wood or erasers, with this type of card, your goal is to get the customer to play with the object, which increases the time that the name of your company is ahead of them. On each card includes a URL to your website for more information or use each card to encourage new actions.

Artistic presentation

As a creative and dramatic to promote your business, hire a composer to create a song for your company. Ask him to make a complete composition with different background music and vocals. Find a public place like a train or bus station, and organizes a group of dancers and singers who are dressed as people on the street. Spread the music through the speaker and bring the artists begin to make a routine, while this continues, more players can join the crowd, surprising viewers. In the end, calls on all actors to keep overhead signs to form the name of your company, and staff members are in possession of the cards with a link to your website. Viewers will not forget the show, and they may be curious enough to visit your website or location to see what other surprises are in store.