Advertising Ideas for a real estate agent

It is essential for a real estate agent to create and maintain a strong and memorable presence regardless of market conditions, so people think of it anytime you want to sell a house. Your advertising strategy as a real estate agent is the key to the success of your business. You can create and maintain a plan of active advertising to help grow your real estate business.

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The first steps first
Before creating your advertising strategy, you must first create a business plan for the year. For advertising to be effective you need to know exactly how much you have to spend and where to spend it. A business plan acts as a working document to guide you and your business growth you want. A business plan should include the following sections: I. Mission Statement. This includes who you are and what you do as a real estate agent. II. Target market and demographics Do you work mainly with foreclosures, the elderly or home buyers for the first time? What are the demographic characteristics of this group? III. Objectives This includes financial objectives (What do you want to do this year?), Educational goals or other objectives you have set for yourself.



How many houses have to sell to meet your income goals? IV. Financial If you have an idea of your goals, you can write the details of the amount you need to spend. Be sure to include all license fees, utility bill multiple lists and association fees you have to pay during the year to have a clear idea of your expenses. After listing the fees you can determine how much you have left for marketing and advertising. Then you can begin to break down the budget down even further, dividing the money into categories of advertising, such as newspapers, business cards, brochures, posters, or what you think might be appropriate.

Who are you?

As a real estate agent you need to have a strong presence identifiable. This can be created by focusing on what you love. Think for a moment what your passion in life. Is being aware of the environment? Is sailing? Are the cars? Whatever you have in interest, is where you can create a business focus. For example, if you are devoted to the conservation of the environment, you can get a name as EcoBroker (see Resources). If you like sailing you can focus your efforts in real estate houses near water, households with dock, or maybe you can be the agent that takes guests on his boat to see houses. Once you decide your focus, then you can create an image.


As a conscious agent of the environment, your business cards, flyers and pamphlets may contain background images of flowers, trees, or the planet Earth. If you are creating an image within the boating community, your materials may contain images of water or boat. You have to be consistent with your pictures, do not change every week. If you have trees in the background and change to Earth next month, will confuse people. Consistency is key in advertising. Be sure to keep your image in the public eye as often as possible. Newspaper advertising can be expensive, but necessary for brand awareness. Remember that you are promoting yourself as a brand. The public reads the newspaper every day, so on a subconscious level are absorbing your information. Check with your local newspaper to see if your ads appear in the electronic edition. Your presence is important and should be able to keep your ads both print and online.