Ideas for the end of the year event


Three Argentine SMEs tell what kind of event they organized to celebrate the year that ends and why they believe that it is important to build this space even if they have few resources. End of year we with a little creativity you can put together something simple to entertain employees and share a space outside the work routine is usually tired and the busy schedule of tasks and activities both personal and Labor, which cannot wait. However, it is always good to make a stop to take time with the team review what was experienced and project the following year.


So, to organize an end-of-year celebration, small and modest as it may be, is a good opportunity to renew enthusiasm and consolidate the team. You do not need a big budget. With a little creativity, you can put together something simple to entertain employees and share a space outside the work routine. We tell you how three Argentine SMEs decided to celebrate the closing of this 2016 so that you can inspire:

Increase Company founded by Sebastian Chains and Matias Doublier is an online platform that simplifies the control card payments received by businesses. This year, for the end-of-the-year celebration they were inclined to have an informal dinner, which will involve all the members of the team, some customers and other people who work daily with them. In 2015, they opted for a cocktail and this time, they wanted a different proposal.

We want it to be a space of dialogue and fun to celebrate the closure of the year all together and start the next renewed says Michelle Faerman, Aum Marketing Manager and in charge of organizing the activity. To generate a relaxed atmosphere a team member will play live music with his band. It was a lot of fun to think about where to do it what kind of event what gifts to do for the guests among other things. We are trying to surprise the team with the place and that everyone has a good time.

Fly dreamers break the routine

Lovers fly-fishing have their place in the online world in Fly dreamer’s global services platform that allows its users to organize their travel 80,000, buy products and find information about their passion. Nicolas Schwint and Luis San Miguel are the alma mater of the project that began in 2010.

Determined to end the year in a special way, they will make a barbecue on the terrace of the offices. We think it’s a good way to do something relaxed and integrate the team says Luis. Like other companies, Fly dreamers believe that it is important to put together an activity to celebrate the end of the year. It ‘s a good time to take stock review the achievements think about the goals of the year that comes in and out of the routine with the team he adds.

For them it is key that all the team participates in the organization of the event and, therefore, each one has assigned a task. To give a different touch this time, there will be a magician.  When it comes to giving advice recommend setting something relaxed and horizontal and take the opportunity to excite the team with the challenges of next year.

Barrero argues that the yearend event is a good opportunity to revalue the company culture transmits and reaffirms the cyclical strategic objectives. Beyond the limitations that a SME can face, Barrero advises not to let the opportunity to celebrate happen, to find a space of personal rapprochement communication and dialogue.