I can put that business?

Many people have anxiety at some point in his life, starting a business. However, come the doubts and fears and questions: ” What business I can put ? “In this post I want to give some tips to resolve this question personally.


As I can start a business

There are 6 tips to decide what business I can put :

That I can put a business. Passions

No passion in the business (either the turn or the model), a business thrives. It is vital that from the beginning, work on something you like. A business is not simply to make money, money is the result of their work.

When does a bad job (usually because they do not like or do not care), the result is selling less and generates less income.

When working on a turn (for example, has always been his dream to have a restaurant) or a business model (for example, I am passionate about the internet business ), you:

a) does a better job

b) it does well (quality)

c) pays attention.

The result is a successful and prosperous. Thus, when asked what business I can put in the first place have to think about business ideas of something that you enjoy your passion, your interest.

Business That I can put 2. Opportunities

To decide what business I can put , they have somehow mixed passion (point 1) with the business opportunity .

An opportunity to solve a problem, a growing trend, or a specific demand growing in your region. For example, say you love cooking, and you would put a restaurant.

However, it is not putting any kind of food, but we have to assess whether there is any business opportunity in the restaurant industry. For example, in Mexico is growing foreign food industry, specifically Chinese and Japanese food.

This results in a potential business opportunity that combines our interest with what the market wants or needs, and gives indications of what business to .

I can put that business 3. Location

The location, in most of the money business, it must be right. As an advice to the entrepreneur , not open a business anywhere is going to succeed.

They need to locate an area that has the highest probability of selling the product we are offering in the business. Following the example, say that we are determined to start a business of sushi and Japanese food (which combines our interest in cooking and a latent business opportunity). A bad location would be in a middle class residential low.

Why? Because consumers of Japanese food are mostly people who buy innovative, high class people under 35, go out to eat away from home, etc.

The correct location of this business would be:

a) in a high-level shopping center,

b) in a colony or high-income area

c) on a street with expensive restaurants.

In conclusion, it must consider the correct location to place business .

I can put that Business 4. Financial Analysis

We have 3 aspects bases: the passion, the timing and location. Now we have to put this in numbers.

This exercise, where we forecast sales, calculate the fixed costs (rent, salaries, etc..) And variable costs (cost of inputs, gas, water, etc.) is called financial analysis .

This is part of the business plan, but I personally recommend a financial analysis proposed before, and once we see that the business is profitable (ie, earnings numbers that will give us hope), we follow the business plan. Later in the article I’ll give you tips on how to develop financial analysis.

Business That I can put 5. Business Plan

Before starting a business , you have to develop a business plan. The plan contains all you need to start, manage and resolve the business, including this:

– What is it the business
– What products / services sold
– It cost me the business
– How I can sell
– How I earn
– As I will sell, market, promote (marketing)
– As I will produce, import, purchase inventory
– Who will help me
– As I design, condition and shop equipment
– As I serve my clients (processes)
– What I can Putting Business 6. Training

Therefore, we develop business courses, which can be seen in online video, explained so you understand, without having prior knowledge of Directors.