Hydrate at work for better concentration and performance

The daily intake of water recommended by the World Health Organization (who) is, as a minimum, two litres, of which a large part consume it throughout the workday.

Madrid, April 28, 2011-Aguaviva has collected and compiled data from different sources with the aim to stress the importance of paying attention to the intake of water when we are always working with a watchful eye to the responsible use of the same. Both the study of hydration, hydration, hydration published in March 2010 by the Oxford University Press as the barometer of hydration and the intake of water 2008 (BAHIA) developed by the Spanish society of Nephrology (SEN) have shown the existence of hydration levels alarmingly low in the workplace.

Hydrate at work

In this sense, the expert and Professor Josep a. Tur Mari, Professor of Physiology of the health of the University of les Illes Balears stated that “suffering dehydration in the workplace will mean a loss of concentration, reduced cognitive performance and even increase the risk of industrial accidents”.

Aguaviva recalled that you among the obligations of the company to its employees is the duty to provide employees drink and place it as close to their place of activity as possible. Therefore recommends purchasing dispensers which, in addition to providing quality water at the right temperature, always take into account the responsible use of the same and allow both the environmental and economic costs savings.

From Aguaviva stresses that anyone who is job that is made, represents a great physical effort or not, we must remember to go drinking water from time to time to reach the optimal healthy consumption. Now, with the arrival of summer and high temperatures it is even more important to hydrate the body and is recommended to increase the amount of water that swallowed.

About Aguaviva –

Aguaviva, company founded in 2003, is a company specializing in vending machines of purified water for offices, which has positioned itself as one of the most innovative in the industry. In partnership with Waterlogic, multinational with 30 years of experience, applies all kinds of technological advances for the treatment of the water mains. In Spain, working on the introduction of a new water treatment system: the installation of machines water sources, in a very simple way and without works, connecting them to the general water supply. These machines through an internal process of latest technology, purified water everytime they dispensed the amount desired by the consumer.

They also allow to save costs of installation, storage and process of loading, as well as improving the quality of the water, becoming the best alternative for expensive water bottles or demijohns dispensers, and also reducing the environmental costs. This product is marketed in such a way that the customer only pays a fee minimum per month (from 30€ all included), which can control and save their spending of water throughout the year. In addition, nor should we perform a previous investment and has a total guarantee of the service.