Do supports the function of human resources to the the company’s strategy?

The business of today, or rather those who are successful, has well-defined strategies. Gait drift times are long gone. The truth that this although it seems to be a clear trend in the final years of the 20th century and settled in the new century had already been present. The best seller “In search of excellence” (Tom Peters, Robert Waterman, 1988) gave already in those years has it. Excellent companies subject to this adjective and recovery were clearly identified strategies that marked unequivocally the reasons of his success and differentiation in highly competitive markets.

The lessons learned from the above gives us a line to follow for the companies wishing to be excellent, mainly ours, located in Central America and that arose under the model of development of the region through the Central American common market in the 1960s, and more recently with the opening to the international market through free trade agreements. The recipe now updated for companies is to implement a strategic management that identify, manage, and instrumental ice the core competencies of business to achieve business goals.


We must first identify and/or build the core competencies of business. The reach this conclusion, many times in our business reality, has been the traditional management based on the “trial and error and then try again”; but the important thing is that companies that are seeing the importance of having business strategies that enables them to compete in markets every day more demanding, have thrived.

The secret is that they have planned the utilization of their resources with the purpose meet the demands growing of their customers, suppliers, shareholders, and more demanding political and social environments, from both the point of view of the quality, reliability, competitive prices and service and ease of purchase. Why have had to do so? The reason is that both customers as his competition are better informed, handle and have access to better technology and market information, and therefore may choose the first and better compete seconds, returning them to the customers a greater bargaining power of purchase. Many offer me, I can compare and I cannot therefore negotiate, is a reasoning that is now more in mind of ordinary people, mainly of young people, constituting the majority in our countries.

But while the changes are beginning to see in our leading companies, which are already making inroads into new markets with strategies of horizontal or geographical growth, case Pollo Campero, even in the vast majority strategies of change and strengthening its core competencies have not touched the door of human resource management. In the areas of technology applied to the company, new information systems, services innovative and sparing of resources and production processes and systems have been implemented by an increasing number of companies.

Also the financial and marketing areas have been adapted to the most demanding markets and diverse. But what happened to the management of human resources? Because based on our experience as consultants in organizational development and our firm ACE, we have detected still a gap between the implemented business strategies and capabilities and competencies unexamined by the classical functions of human resources in our businesses. IE still have not given a qualitative and quantitative leap to get lined up and live up to the requirements of the strategy of the business activities carried out in the departments of personnel or resources human of our companies. It follows from the above, that even continue recruiting and looking for staff under parameters hindering us to integrate staff qualified and trained to the company our human resources policies and management interventions have failed influence and permeate significantly in the culture of enterprises, thus same skills development and training programmers do not leave the restricted triad framework of options not creative or innovative. We continue applying recipes that worked before, but now they are no longer sufficient.

The gap in our companies between competences and capacities available to its human resources and the desired measures in indicators of knowledge, experiences, skills, and abilities required, is still significant. Is a diagnosis of them throws that not be account with competencies among staff to facilitate the implementation of successful business strategies that are required today in day. We are well before the need to almost a revolution in the way in which we manage the human resource in our companies, if we want to have a place with some positive effect in a business environment more competitive everyday.