How to start a business property maintenance

Creating a management company foreclosed properties involves filling a large niche market. Due to numerous foreclosures continue to rise, many mortgage companies and banks have properties that need to be cleaned and maintained for potential buyers. Start one of these companies, like starting any other business, requires a little planning and preparation. However, if you’re passionate about business, then you can start a successful business.

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Write start a business plan. A business plan is a road map to operate your business. The business plan includes the vision of the company (also known as mission statement) short-term and long-term financial projections, marketing ideas and advertising, a list of local competitors and your participation in the local market and the background of all the principal owners of the company. A business plan as part of the application process is required if you decide to seek outside funding.


Applies to all licenses and permits local and state required to select a state of business entity. Permits for any business is required to legally operate. Choose a type of company that matches the number of owners and protecting the owner requires. Two of the entities most popular business are limited liability companies (LLC for its acronym in English) and the individual company.


Join local business organizations and participate. Networking is important for any business, but especially for the launch of a company. Affiliate organizations in local networks and attends meetings and social gatherings. Offer your business card and offer your business. Networking should consider free advertising and made connections that can attract customers.


Contact potential customers and introduce them your business. You’ll have to be careful with people who you approach your services. Contact banks and mortgage companies home vacancies in their records. Study the real estate ads in your local newspaper. Some people placed in ready homes that are about to go on sale the sheriff. Contact real estate agents who specialize in short sales. They know what the houses that are about to go through the foreclosure process are.