How to register a trademark

Surely ever you happened to you to have a brilliant tips that could alter the world but you did not know how to begin to come true. Even ideas, a priori not seem much and then have proved a complete success. Thus were born many big companies we know today but it primary had to register their own recognition that has complete known to the public.


First, we must be clear what kind of brand we want to register as they can be of three types Later we will see if there is already a brand as if we want to register. To test this we can go to the website of the Patent and Trademark Office we will carry out this verification. In the event that there is the same only there would be problems if in the same sector hotels for example but if there is an equal in a dissimilar sector our hotel and the area where it by now exists clothing there would be problems whatsoever.


The request can perform by electronic means using the electronic signature of ID and this faster and easier method or in paper format. In the first case we can do it from the website of the Patent and Trademark Office where you will find the form to fill. In the second case we can direct the Institute of Development of the province which will have a window dedicated to this activity. There you can apply for and total the corresponding model.

We also have to create the payment of the fees. These vary each year, but usually placed around per registered in a sector brand and if we add sectors in which that mark is also registered will add approximately a fee for extra sector. We can pay by transfer on the website of the Treasury or bank counters. Finally, it is important to remember that the initial validity of a trademark be registered is 10 years which can be extended in the future for an indefinite period. To read more articles like how to register a trademark we recommend you enter our category starting a new business or subscribe to our newsletter.