Today I share some powerful tips to prepare an estimate of impact to attract sales and good business . A quote is one of the sales tools usually used by entrepreneurs least because many downplay the trading function and do so effectively. A trading is often the first impression the customer has in relation to your company and hence a price impact can make the difference between selling and not selling
. What information should lead a good quote?


In a quote that you put everything like. You can describe every detail of your product or service and conditions, promotions, discounts, deliveries, etc.. However, not all contributions should take all the necessary information, because in many cases, the customer rather than specific details, what you want is to have a first contact with your business and receive details that trust. So it is useful to distinguish these 2 kinds of quotes :

Quote of first contact
Quote usual customers

We will not go well in the second case since it refers to customers who are already in your wallet and you surely are buying. These clients whether to send information, comprehensive, detailed and timely. The case that interests us most is that of subsection 1. The first client contact . That customer who heard about your product, your company or service and want some more information. That customer who is on the phone or receiving an email from your vendors. That quote if you can make a difference, therefore, I recommend these tips:

Send the quote as soon as possible . Today customers what we least like to wait. If your customer has to wait 2 or 3 days for your information, and certainly when you get more pleasure received the price of your competition. Make sure that your company has a culture to contribute immediately. Maximum of 6 hours is a reasonable time.

Prepare a format for your quotes. Performs with your partners brainstorm to create a single format that everyone can use quotes. This form must have an excellent image of your company, logo, colors, email, website and contact information.