How to own your own business

Yes, I know that they have passed hundreds or thousands of hours on it. However, I am here to tell you that it could be bad job for you. How the famous phrase of Stephen Covey is if the steps are not supported on the right wall, each step gets only leads to a faster place? Then, do you know if your thought goes up the ladder on the right wall? Do you now start to go up and see what happens?

You will not only lose years of your life in this way, but it will eventually wear out them in the process. Therefore, here are the very important questions that every entrepreneur should ask about the business that you or she is trying to build. If he asks himself and then answer truthfully, you will be sure that are rising to the right of the stairway. This is known as the honeymoon phase and it is very good but it is not true.

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The real thing is the life that comes after the honeymoon phase when the emotion is not the driving force that makes or breaks the relationship. The same applies to business. Every business is exciting at first but let us be honest it is not true. The feeling will not last. Many people start businesses because they believe that they will become rich. In addition to be honest, many companies make proprietary rich. However, most entrepreneurs misunderstand what the ridiculous quantity of time between the start and shutdown.

He recently wrote a book about the hire of investment properties and how much it hurts I know that most of the people who buy this book will not be “in the play” the next month or the coming year. In the honeymoon phase and soon is gone when it has been the illusion of ‘easy money’ and to comprehend that this is a business of long term and not a quick way to get rich. You ask yourself: is your love for your business thought stronger than the honeymoon phase? If forced to continue this activity for the next 20 years, still is it something you want to do?

Then ask yourself: do the current business model guide you toward this goal in the most well-organized manner possible? Many people start businesses because they are trying to achieve some goal, but quickly lost the focus of it. Business becomes more money than the final destination.

For example, in my world of real estate investment, I see many people come into play because they want to generate passive, spend less time working and more time with the entry of life. Somewhere along the way, however, end up working 100 hours a week in his real land Empire, thus creating the exact conflicting what you propose to do. See your business and maintains ten years: you are really helping to fulfill your purpose in life? Otherwise, change how your business or completely change your business. No sense waiting 20 years for discovering never left the starting line.

Remember that the aforementioned honeymoon stage? We must review the analogy: during the honeymoon phase it is easy to overlook some bugs of your significant other. They consider their annoyance as affection those whims as cute gradients explosive anger passion. In business, entrepreneurs put on blinders. To overcome this tendency it is necessary to have a good look, hard math behind your business. The pipeline of business really supports the kind of achievement that you want to achieve. Is the cost of acquiring a practical customer? Is there enough demand in the market?