How to lift a Suburban

Need to change the oil and oil filter in your truck? If so, you need to raise your vehicle safely and this can not be done only with a cat. Raise and support a single truck with a cat is highly risky. The vehicle could slip and cause a hazard to anyone working on it. There is a sure way to raise your truck in the garage of your home and involves the use of media. A Chevrolet truck can weigh more than 8600 pounds (4300 kg) in the models 2500, then you need to ensure that the media you use can support the load.

How to lift a Suburban


Consult the owner’s manual before starting. The Suburban has specific places where the jack. These points to raise not only different from other utility vehicles and pickups from Chevrolet, but also can be different according to your type of Suburban. Vehicles four and two-wheel drive have different locations for the cat. Step 4 will provide more details on this.

Look at the ground under your Suburban. If not completely flat, need to drive to a level surface. Generally, this is a problem if you’re on the outside, not in the garage of your home. Before you raise, you need to position it for “Park” if it has automatic transmission, if you have a standard box just put it in “Reverse”. Activate the parking brake, stop the engine and remove the key.

Choose a tire to raise first. So that is immobilized directly opposed to it. For example, if you start with the front right wheel, then you need to place blocks in front and behind the left rear wheel. This means taking the proper precautions to reduce the chances of the truck accidentally begins to move while the lift.

Place the jack near the tire you are going to raise. For forwards, using the frame rail closest to the wheel. In some models , like the 2500, you need to locate where the tracks overlap. Use the axis as the point to place the cat. Looking for a pad there, is set for this purpose.

Turn the handle of your cat (or pumped into a floor jack) rises steadily and the first tire off the ground. The simplest repairs raise the wheels only require one or two inches (2.5 to 5 cm) from the floor. However, the use of substrates require higher elevation. Once you have your Suburban high enough, move the media in a place under the axle or frame rail. Lower the truck into the brackets.

Repeat these steps for the remaining wheels, until all four are elevated floors and the vehicle is properly secured on the supports.