How to Integrate Twitter and Facebook

Many people who write online income, have questioned whether social networks like Facebook and Twitter can be joined together. The answer is yes it can and has been proven over a long time to research and tests have been performed. This article will explain how you can integrate these two social networks, which is part of marketing your website.

Twitter and Facebook

Today, Twitter, Facebook and YouTube, are the fastest growing social networking and Internet ranking. If we look at the format of Twitter and Facebook, both are very similar and the same character. For example, both asked about a status, in the case of Twitter, asks “What’s Up” and Facebook asks “What am I thinking.” This allows us to link the two networks, which means that if you put something on Twitter automatically is also published in Facebook, that’s how it works, what saves you time.

The following explains how to integrate these two great marketing tools and how to update their Facebook account with Twitter. Let’s start!
Steps to integrate Twitter with Facebook:
1. Enter Twitter to the top bar, which is “Search”
then this will take you to a page that displays a list of Applications.
As an application seeking to integrate Twitter with Facebook, please check the first option says “Application”
2. Select “View Application”
3. On his left side, below the image, select “Go to Application”
4. It will ask whether to allow access, please select “Allow”
5. Enter your Twitter username and password to add the application
6. Select “Allow Twitter to update your Facebook”
7. Select “Allow status updates”

Ready! This has integrated Twitter with Facebook. It is very easy to do and not many people tend to do so. But this certainly will help to increase more traffic to your website and saves time.Four main reasons why you should.

1. It will save time
2. Your readers will see that you have Twitter, which Facebook readers will subscribe to your Twitter and vice versa.
3. Mayor niche market to focus their strategies
4. More Force in their sales strategies

Start now! And as more readers will join their social networks and expand its market. Expand your vision and begin to multiply your sales force / Marketing with little effort!