How to earn money for every click on a website

No matter the industry, topic or niche, commercial websites need one thing to succeed: the rent. Websites revenues may come from affiliate product sales, direct sales, paid advertising, pay per click advertising and a range of other media and the most successful earn income from all sources other than (or “current” ) as possible. However, many website owners forget that they too can get paid if visitors buy your products or click on your ads or not, with advertising pay per visit.

How to earn money


Sign up for a pay per visit network or ad network “CPM”. (CPM refers to “cost per thousand” or the price they receive per 1,000 ad views). Items to consider include the fee paid per 1,000 visits and the minimum income needed to earn before you pay. ProBlogger Check the link in the Resources section below for a list of the 12 CPM providers that serve advertising on your website such as Google Adsense.

Decide where you want to add CPM advertising on your website. If you already have banners, affiliate links visit or pay per click ads on your site, you may not want to move them from (usually) the lower paying CPM ads. However, CPM ads can be an easy addition to a website created or an easy way to start advertising on your web page from day one.

Add HTML CPM provider to your website in the appropriate places in your code. Your ad provider will provide the necessary codes to automatically display ads for your database to your site. Just follow the installation instructions to display your ads on the sites under your site.

Log into your account regularly CPM network to track how your advertising is performing. Of course, the more visitors you have, your ads will be most watched and higher revenue per visit payment that you will win.