How to built a million dollar company without employees

Although it looks very glitzy and glamorous particularly with the large number of entrepreneurs who have become celebrities the reality is that once your company exceeds a certain size, some of the flexibility is lost. The good news is that you do not need hundreds of employees to built a million dollar company and that this can be achieved in a relatively short time. A company can function with zero founder and employees, and be operated from anywhere in the world with nothing more than an internet connection.

Start with something simple

Too often, intelligent people have bright ideas. As they want “big start”, leading to the market en masse and then find no way of knowing which parts worked and what did not. There is much to say about the concept of Henry Ford start to offer a product in one size and color to accurately measure consumer response and only then get better the product and the sales process.

company without employees

This strategy based on ease means eliminating the hassle of selling your products or services through intermediaries. To avoid complicate at least at first your sales channel and focus on selling your product directly to consumers. This will ensure greater control of the brand from the beginning, will make it easier to build a direct communication with your customers to receive valuable feedback and allow you to retain all profits from sales. This in turn will enable resources to reinvest and grow faster without depending on external funds or into debt.

The technology is an indisputable ally of business. For this reason, you should take advantage and automate all your processes as soon as you can. You need to build the foundation of your business as if it were 20 times bigger and you can get a couple hundred dollars a year. Automation begins with your sales channels or digital commerce market. Solutions like Shoplift create a customizable system that allows you to connect almost anything. The process should continue with your marketing strategy and support functions such as video ads on Facebook that work huge and require minimal amounts of supervision.

Finally, Desk and automate your customer services allowing write answers to almost any question you could even set up automatic replies for which even you would have to read the questions asked by users.  Countless articles explain the advantages of going to outsourcing for certain things. However, we are now focusing on building a business that does not require employees so the goal will outsource everything.

Let us start with sales and marketing: at first, you do everything which is very important since you are the only one who really understands your business and your customers. However, there will come a time when you are too busy and cannot do everything. This is where PR agencies (RP) enter. Some companies hire a team of RP to advertise and appear in the media, but you should also hire them to manage and expand your social channels earners. The team should form a plan a timeline based on your brand and your experience and so allow you to focus on other things.