How Credit Unions Utilize Board Portal Software

Perhaps nothing defines the modern era more than the meteoric rise in technological development, and nothing defines that more than advancements made in mass telecommunication devices.

It’s now common for people to own pocket-sized devices that keep them connected via video and voice to others all over the globe.

This breathtakingly powerful technology has incredible and widespread benefits, but it comes with pitfalls, too; technology that keeps us remotely connected can also be hacked, and can expose users to security breaches.

Not-for-profit financial institutions, such as credit unions, need technology that keeps their board of directors securely connected. That’s why so many of them have made wonderful use of board portal software.

Let’s take a closer look at how board portal software has benefited credit unions.

Stay Connected Across Wide Geographic Areas, Securely

Board portal software facilitates seamless communication before, during, and after board meetings. As credit unions grow in size and influence, they are more likely to have board members spread out across geographic regions.

No matter how far apart board directors are physically located from each other, they will be able to stay in touch easily and securely. Board portal software is highly encrypted, the servers storing the information always adhere to independent third-party security certifications, and each log-in is authenticated.

If a director’s device should fall into the wrong hands, a breach can be avoided by remotely wiping the board portal data.

In addition, if a director whose device has gone missing should need to access their information, they can simply log in from any other device. This ensures that there is business continuity, no matter what.

Credit unions and other organizations with a need to promote data transparency and good governance hugely benefit from such secure communication tools — click here to visit Aprio to learn more about this software.

Remote Teamwork, Made Simple

Sometimes lines can get tangled when colleagues and fellow directors prefer using different communication devices. But cloud-based board portal software offers a centralized and intuitive platform for directors to do all their communication in one place, no matter what device they prefer.

Each director is free to use their smartphone, desktop, laptop, or tablet in order to digitally distribute board materials to other directors, create and compile quarterly board book information, share and annotate documents, and more.

As soon as one director makes a change to their document, it’s automatically saved in everybody else’s version — making collaboration easy and seamless.

Work Paper-Free

Board portal software also eliminates the need for paper copies, which has several advantages: it reduces printing and shipping expenses, ensures that there’s constant access to a library of important documents, and makes it impossible for vital board documents to get lost.

Additionally, board software lets directors quickly issue polls on matters requiring consensus, and can be used online and offline.

Board portal software gives credit unions the most important technological features to facilitate digital collaboration, and all the safety features to keep their documents and communications secure.

With all the benefits of modern technology plus serious protection from the abilities, it’s no wonder why so many credit unions have taken to board portal software.