NCR reach the highest rank in the list of Global Outsourcing 100 global reach and autoasistido service is the NCR innovation among consultants and third-party service providers. DULUTH, GA. – NCR Corporation (NYSE:NCR) international company of global technology leading how the world connects, interacts, and performs transactions with companies today announced that it has reached his highest rank to date in 2012 in the list that gives the Global Outsourcing 100 ®, up two positions to sixth place overall as sets it International Association of Outsourcing Professionals ® (IAOP ®) the global organization recognized for having the highest standard in professional consultancy.

Global Outsourcing 100 ®, is an annual ranking that represents excellence in professional consultancy in which NCR and his team is considered one of the best suppliers of the service. NCR has demonstrated excellence in the evolution of categories such as global presence, service to the client, as well as company recognized and certified by their executive leadership.

highest rank

“The presence of NCR in this prestigious and powerful validation shows how transforms the technological universe, a sample is the service assisted auto, applications for devices in software and hardware” said Executive Vice President and head of quality control of NCR Peter Dorsman. “This gives added value to the native clients in the technology, this generation represents a greater management and increased productivity, and gain for the customer.” Is why NCR is the highest rank among the elite of professional consultancy and is already the 5th year in a row.

Unlike other offerings that proactively monitor business interruptions and then react, NCR through its services can predict failures on their handsets, and loss before they occur, is supported by sending technicians until the failure impact their customer’s business.

NCR received additional recognition in 12-sublists of honour: best leaders in no. centers around the world; company with major corporate presence, best 10 service leaders, best 20 leaders in financial services (banking and markets); best 20 leaders in products to retailers and final consumers; best 20 leaders in the industry for specific services; best 20 leaders in information and communications, technology, and services; best 20 leaders in services and transaction processing; top 10 leaders in Southeast Asia; best 20 leaders in the United States; best 20 leaders in Western Europe and one of the best companies for employees in the United States.

NCR is global leader in help and support services. 11 Million shares of service performs a year and keeps more than 2 millions of points of service in the world. “We have had tremendous growth, maturity and expansion of global consulting services, being the best in the most important list 7th year.” “Best of the best.” He said Jal Dalal, Director of intelligent leadership of the IAOP.

“The judges were very impressed with the accomplishments in the service, as well as the relationship with customers shows with references that we provide here.” It is noteworthy as the client appreciated the added value offered by NCR in its services. “Characterized you the intense competitiveness in the world of consulting as well as the maturity and growth of the industry.”

Consulting of NCR managed services, network management, hardware and software maintenance, technical support, service customer included in several languages, offers 16 centres of excellence around the world service. Also offers a value added 19 of the best 20 largest banks in the world, 7 of the top 10 retail companies, 8 of the 10 most important firms in telecommunications in the world, 3 of the 5 best airlines.

In 2012 Global Outsourcing 100 ® and the best consultants in the world recognize the best providers of outsourcing services in the world, scores that are based on applications received and evaluated by independent panel organized by IAOP judges.

About NCR
NCR Corporation (NYSE:NCR) is a company of global technology that is at the forefront of how people connects, interacts, and conducts transactions with companies. NCR self-service and assisted service solutions meet the needs of organizations of trade retail, financial, tourism, travel, healthcare, hospitality, public sector and telecommunication companies in more than 100 countries. The General offices of NCR are in the city of Duluth, Georgia in the United States.