Heritage homes of Valparaiso should be subjected to periodic maintenance

Bruno Piazze, teaching career technical college in construction of Viña del Mar in the Santa Maria University Headquarters, addressed possible measures that should be carried out to prevent the progressive deterioration of these historical buildings. According to an analysis conducted by the municipality of Valparaiso, 30% of the equity sector housing would require urgent intervention, due to the significant risk posed.

Referring to this scene, Bruno Piazze, teaching career technical college in construction of the headquarters vineyard of the sea of the University technique Santa Maria, indicated and discussed possible measures that could be taken to continue to avoid this complex situation that affects the port city.

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As explained by the teacher, “the main reason for the poor state in which a dwelling can be found is the level of maintenance”, which you can add to the passage of the winters and potential pests that may affect them. “The materiality of this sector is primarily wood. It is the topic of termites which attack mainly wooden structures that are with a greater degree of moisture”he said.

For this reason, Piazze indicated that maintenance must be focused in avoid the construction being affected by water: “should review covers, wet areas such as bathroom or kitchen so that there are no leaks, see Windows, gutters of water seals rain and waterproofing of walls;” verifying constantly the general State of the envelope”.

“An optimal envelope is going to need less energy to generate the comfort required to the interior of the House; and generate a maintenance on the other hand is that housing is not going to deteriorate in its structure and will mean lower spending on restoration,”he added.

In addition, the Professor explained the importance of generate maintenance in electrical installations to prevent possible fires, drinking water and sewerage; avoiding the scourge of pests and rot product from moisture. “If a wood to fungi, passes to rot and then to termites or other xylophages insects”, added.

“No has been shortcut to deterioration in time. If maintenance is not running, the housing is at risk of structural damage, and there is no danger of collapse; and in this case it is necessary to uninhabited them and subjecting them to some kind of greater intervention”, said the professor.

Generate awareness

Bruno Piazze indicated that the idea is to raise awareness in the owner on the basic elements to consider. ” What would I generate a maintenance plan at the level of the municipality but informative way, it would generate a triptych, or material where established basic forms of maintenance of any kind of housing, not just of the patrimonial”, because as mentioned” Valparaíso is deteriorated completely, not only the heritage sector. ” And in other sectors, the damage may be even greater. But public opinion is set mostly in the heritage sector”.

What must be done is to “indicate measures such as protect or review stormwater channels, review cover, walls, doors and Windows, generating actions of gradual improvement. Make a tab and propose changes to the owner, seeking measures to solve the problems,”he said.