Insurance for self employed -Health Insurance

The health insurance

In terms of the freedom of self-employed health insurance leads to a requirement: the general health insurance. In 2007, the mandatory insurance – initially only for the statutory health insurance (SHI). Since the beginning of 2009, such an obligation also applies to the private health insurance. So now who may have to be German health insurance, not covered by the statutory health insurance.

Health Insurance

Privately or publicly?

The choice between a voluntary participation in the statutory health insurance (SHI) and private health insurance (PHI) is open to entrepreneurs in particular. They may have been previously insured by law, or even about the family in general. This is condition. For professionals such as artists, writers or journalists, it is even a compulsory insurance in the SHI.

The private health insurance (PHI) is required for the remaining self-employed. But entrepreneurs who can vote, should solicit proposals from private health insurers. Contributions to private health insurance can be calculated without regard to income. They are often much cheaper than the contributions for voluntary insurance under the statutory health insurance.

For older entrepreneurs or those with serious medical conditions that were previously insured by law, voluntary participation in a health insurance company may be the smarter choice. And of course, for those who have a family. In the statutory health insurance partner and children are insured free of charge.

No need to worry Scheinselbsständige make that work in the long run only for a single client. They are subject to compulsory insurance in any case the statutory protection systems.

For some professions is a mandatory program

How bogus self-employed professionals have also in artistic or journalistic professions (artists, actors, musicians, writers, journalists, etc.) is hardly a choice. For them, the insurance requirement in the statutory health insurance company about the artists (KSK). The KSK does, for the insured, one half of the contributions to health insurance. This pay half the patrons of artists and writers through a compulsory levy to the KSK.

The Artists’ Social Security Act (KVSG) allows only two exceptions to this obligation of insurance: entrepreneurs can choose three years if they instead prefer private insurance. And well-paid artists or writers can also sign up for private health insurance. KSK-eligible professionals should decide in doubt for the KSK. Membership they insured in the state pension and care insurance. Those who take out private insurance, those risks must also protect the privacy of the rule. More on that in the next chapter retirement. Pay attention to sick pay

Self-employed workers should ensure that they make provisions for sick leave from the first day – regardless of whether they are insured privately or publicly. Just start-ups and fighters lose every single day when they can not work, money, simply because remains are working. Private patients can conclude sick pay claims on their insurers. Voluntarily insured in the SHI must either currently completing an appropriate choice of tariff or take out private health insurance.

The changes expected later this year. The federal government wants to professionals and self-employed in the SHI open a third way. The insured should be able to choose to pay the full contribution of current and 15.5 percentages for the same time to earn a sick leave.