Using a guestbook in a small business

Are you looking for a cheap and easy way to encourage repeat purchases in your small business? Here’s an easy way to attract customers to your store again and bring their friends. With the creation of a basic guest book at your desk, you will create your own mailing list for future promotions.
guestbook in a small business

Select a journal or notebook decoration that suits the look of your small business. You may even want to include a blank journal, or simply with art paper, old sheet music or even wall paper that fits the theme of your business. Just measure, mark, cut and paste the paper on the journal cover.


Inside the cover of the journal or notebook, write your name trade , address, email address, website and phone number. The first page says the titles for the name, address and email. Enter the phone number as optional.
Asks customers to sign the guestbook when they visit your place of business. If the person seems clearly is not interested in your product, then it is probably not necessary. The aim is to get a mailing list of customers to send future promotional messages.

Informs customers that you will not give your personal information, which is strictly to keep you informed about events and special offers that will realize your business. Let customers know that they can have occasional offers or additional discounts only for members of the guestbook.

Create a mailing list on your computer so that you can easily print mailing labels for your promotional cards without having to retype each time or handwritten information from your frequent customers. Create an email list separately for customers who provide their email addresses in the guestbook.

At least once a season and the anniversary of your company, send advertisements to your customer list. You may want to offer discounts for selected items or your entire purchase (possibly above a specific dollar amount to promote sales), a fixed amount discount if you bring a friend, special drawings, refreshments or merchandise prior visits only new guestbook. The aim is to encourage customers to return to your location, see your new products and make purchases. Make it a win-win for your customers and for you.