One grows despite the housing crisis

The real estate RE/MAX one continues expanding Buenos Aires, Argentina, September 18, 2012 – there is no doubt that in these two years, RE/MAX one was up the stairs to the success with determined passage and staring at the top. Few months after having opened its doors already was winning prizes to the effort and innovation and was already closing deals

While the real estate company with headquarters in a new Office in Acassuso is going his best time, you can not say that about the real estate market in the Argentina. So is the reality in a developing country: the economy fluctuates, markets suffer, and many companies that belong to those sectors suffer also. Fortunately, and thanks to the enormous efforts of all its members, RE/MAX one team is proud to announce that the real estate is moving a better time: increasingly has more real estate agents highly trained with a great vocation of service and an excellent eye for finding customers and properties available. Also he was able, after much effort, moving to own building with all the amenities.

grows despite

As far as the progress of RE/MAX one respect, it is not only a growth in size or amount of customers and properties for sale, but also growth in training projects, recruitment of agents and benefits for them. As regards training, RE/MAX one is the real estate that most innova and best courses offers. They are all courses and focused workshops to help players reach their full potential.

RE/MAX one grows by leaps and, shortly, will reach its ultimate goal: become the real estate number one of Zona Norte, as its name suggests.

About RE/MAX one: with more than 30 agents and a permanent staff of 6 people, became more prosperous Northern real estate office. Only 2 years of its opening, RE/MAX one uses the latest technology to continue the competition keeping a customer satisfied as a main motivation.