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From group Lo Monaco we continue making progress in the search for new solutions that allow us to continue the premises of our success; the needs of our customers offering them a unique product of the highest quality, accessible way. For this purpose, we have the advantage of having our product Tripl3 the mattress that brings together the three essential elements for the rest:

The visco comfort: Pillowtop Duotech ® technology provides the amount of required memory foam material to guarantee and optimize the results of own material heat, obtaining as effect the perfect adaptation to the curvatures of the body, the relief of pressure on the muscles, a correct blood circulation also reduction of posture during the break changes.

Group Lo Monaco

The firmness of the LaTeX: LaTeX Natura thanks to its medium firm, performs the function of millions of micromuelles that act as three-dimensional shape before movements during sleep making a completely natural position for the spine.

An optimum temperature: with technology ® Airflow incorporates an area in the form of air Chamber, made in a fabric of latest generation formed by three-dimensional micro which guarantees continuous ventilation that core needs, taking advantage of body movements that occur during sleep and exercising a thermoregulatory function.

And now, we help you facilitate your purchase. All is known the crisis that we are facing. In this scenario, group Lo Monaco gives one step further and bid to cover the interest financing for 36 months. In this way, we give you the opportunity to enjoy the rest you deserve.

We give it all for you! Now your TRIPL3 Lo Monaco mattress from only 12 € per month. MAXIMUM quality at your fingertips.

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