With great success took place the day of the shareholder in the USM

Activity fits in the fair of creation of enterprises of the Department of industries, organized by students of the branch establishment of companies and which will be released on June 19. A promising result had the first official activity of the XIV fair of entrepreneurship, traditional event organized by students of the branch creation of companies in the industries of the Universidad Santa María Department grouped this time in the versatile company.

The day of the shareholder was the agency responsible for giving the will with a view to the day itself such, which will take place on 19 June and in which six companies – Ikon, Make-Make, Crete, Atlante, KTN and Trile – offer their products for sale. And a success was the sale of his papers, which was in the hands of Vultur Emprende, responsible for this first activity.

great success

General manager Felipe Díaz, student’s fifth year of engineering in product design, told that “really took us by surprise this outcome: started at about 0930 hours of the morning the sale of shares and in less than an hour had been marketed all of them, of all the companies of the fair”.

In his view, “this is very positive, because the idea was not only to create an instance so that each of them could sell their roles, to later begin to produce what they will offer at the fair, but that we also wanted to encourage investment and what is the stock market in the community sansana, which we see has been a success””, judging by all the interested people that came here”.

Six entities could thus be promoted in their respective stands. On 31, in addition, there will be a Pre-Feria, where will exhibit their prototypes to the final event, in parallel to the seminar takes off, which will feature presentations by successful entrepreneurs will be your experience.

Generating Enterprise

Diego Yáñez, student’s fifth year of commercial engineering and general manager of versatile S.A., a company that organizes the 14th version of the fair, told the aim laid out this year is summarized in the chosen motto: \”Hecho in Chile: talent today, venture of the manana\”. ”

“Aims to exploit the innovative and entrepreneurial capacity of the people of this country”, he explained. “We want to bring the Chile venture beyond what is our simple Creole culture, because we understand that here is the ability to exploit this vein,” he added, asserting that he has been “a great experience is a very motivating challenge and fortunately we have a team full of talent and very enthusiastic.” “In addition, we promise a good profitability as a business, because we have the advantage of having external sponsors”.

As regards the level of products, Felipe Díaz believes that “it is quite good, each one of them are innovative and also include a wide variety, from the area of the furniture store, until others to carry in your pocket or solve problems that academics in general, which is the approach that has given the most, focus on the needs of the students”.

An example is Ikon. General manager, Humberto Olivares, a fifth year engineering commercial student tells that its purpose is to “solve the problem of the use of headphones for music players: normally when one use, become entangled in your bag or Pocket, for women occupy them in the portfolio is a disaster and this product it is wrap the cable headset””, preventing that he enrede and when one wants to use it, is very easy to disassemble for use, as it is very easy to return to save it”.