Global benefits

In the context of globalization and the expansion of their workforce globally diversified, multinational companies face constant challenges.

¤ Corporate governance
¤ Need to improve operating efficiency, profitability and profit margins
¤ Increased complexity of managing a uniform, worldwide, of benefit programs and compensation
¤ Need to centrally control and benefit programs, while ensuring they are appropriate for each country

Global benefits

Aon Hewitt helps multinationals to address these challenges by many services:

International insurance broker, plan design and actuarial services
In the past, many multinationals operating in a decentralized management model. But market forces and the convergence of international accounting standards now require them to streamline their operations and to more actively manage their benefit programs, given the financial and legal risks and risks to human capital.

Many companies are considering the joint purchasing of health care and the pooling multinational pension and health care to reduce costs, increase profitability and growth.

The global network of consultants Aon Hewitt can help you determine if these solutions are right for you. We need to do this, review your existing plans and their costs and economies of scale and develop a strategy and a global process going in the direction of your goals. We can ask local brokers to recommend competition regimes, solicit bids and you provide assistance for the implementation in the country.

We have one of the largest network of international offices in full property and actively manage a network of benefits that can provide support and advice to our clients in a hundred countries and provide appropriate services locally. We are thus able to provide strategic advice to first-class headquarters as satellite offices, while helping to set up a benefits policy that meets the general guidelines and remains under the control of the seat.

In addition to the brokerage business checking benefit programs, plan design, benchmarking, financial accounting benefits and actuarial advice global and strategic.