How to Start a glass etching business

The crystals prints are popular items used to decorate or give away. Especially at weddings and business conferences, engraved glass pieces are used for everything, take drinks into plaques of recognition. Start a glass etching business can be fully profitable , especially if you offer custom options for your customers, such as adding names or special designs to finished glass pieces. To develop a successful business, you need to study the art of engraving and plan your business carefully.


successful business


Steps you should follow

Learn to use laser etching equipment taking classes at a company, such as Gravograph. Need to practice to develop your skills until you can record professionally crystals. You can buy the laser engraver in the same company where you take the course.

Decide where you will sell your products. You can open a shop for intenet, sell your items saved in a traditional market as 1000 Market, in a position of a mall, set up a booth at flea market or craft market, or rent a real store. Selling online is the least expensive, but you can use a combination of retail locations.
If necessary, obtain the tax identification number from your state. Also could use a fictitious name certificate (“doing bussines as” English DBA).

Take photographs of some of your work to show to potential customers-will serve sampler. You can collect the photos in a book or publish on the Internet. The ideal is clear shots from various angles, but do not need to hire a professional photographer, especially if you have a good digital camera.

Buy wholesale glassware, such as cups, plates, vases, picture frames and other products for recording, unless you plan to ask your customers to send you the items. You can buy parts from companies such as Modern Glass Vase, CrystALaCarte, or Crystal Images USA.

Promote your business by posting notices crystal engraved in wedding magazines, buying a booth at the local fair wedding items, advertising online or in print publications, and delivering coupons and brochures to wedding coordinators firms, florists and lounges events.