How to get money to build a church

Getting money to build a church can be a daunting task but it is definitely doable if you have a team of committed people ready to promote your cause. From using traditional fundraising steps to implementing complex financial resources, the process can be a valuable experience for all involved. Follow these steps to get the funds you need and also considers the formation of a planning committee for new ideas that can be useful for innovative ways of fundraising.


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How to get money to build a church

Make brainstorm with a small group of people that will be the construction of the project committee. Spend some time dreaming about the look you want in your church, what needs you want to meet, where you want to be located and other important details. Note the size you think you should have the building, any special features you want and anything else related to the structure of the building you want to include. You’ll also want to consider some ideal places for your church.

Find local businesses to sponsor a part of the construction of the church. If you’re going to include a large children’s area, schedule appointments to meet with owners of facilities for local children. Invite as many companies to invest or donate funds.
Participate in some traditional fundraising activities such as car washes, garage sales, selling candy and magazine subscriptions. If you have a sufficient number of persons performing these activities with diligence and covering the region sufficiently, you can raise a significant amount of money.

Write letters to friends, family and others who may be interested in donating to a building fund. Take advantage of social networking sites and create a Facebook or MySpace page for your construction project. Start a website and add a counter for people to see how much has been raised to date.

Apply any Community grant for which your church may be eligible for. You can easily find grants through a website national , as, or local sites designated specifically for religious organizations, through churchgoing.