How to get garments to start a used clothing business

If you are weighing the idea of ​​starting a used clothing business but do not know where to get inexpensive clothes, you have several options. Garage sales, flea markets and wholesalers are the places where you can find great deals on clothing to start your business. You must determine the field of your store before you start shopping to decide whether you will sell a wide variety of secondhand clothing or specialize in vintage clothing, children’s clothing, brand clothing or something completely different.

clothing business

Look for these sales in your local newspaper or on local websites like Craigslist, especially those that offer items you need for your store. These garden sales are great places to find children’s clothing. Buy cheap items that need repairs that you can make and request discounts for those that are damaged. Ask the sellers if they sell for less if you buy in lot, many will accept the exchange and accept a lower price.

Attend total sales by moving in search of rare items or period. Search the ads in the local newspaper or on local websites in search of these sales. They are often very good at finding vintage items or fashion designers. Do not be afraid to ask for rebates, most sellers want to get rid of their items quickly and will be willing to lower prices.

Check flea markets or second hand merchandise stores for a wide variety of items. Find branded clothing, haute couture, vintage or special at good prices. Avoid second-hand fashion stores because their prices will be higher than those of a store known for low prices, such as that run by a local church. Bargain with the sellers of flea markets; Most of these stores have set prices.

Sort used clothing online. Write used clothing in bulk wholesale clothing in a search engine and you will see a large list of online sellers who have good prices. Add your area of ​​expertise to search terms for best results. To get new items from designer at low price look for wholesale sellers you will often be asked to buy several items from the same press, but the total cost is often as low as buying second hand items. Look for blind batch sellers if you want to buy a “mix” of several items for a price per pound, or if you want to place a specific order like 6 pounds (2.7 kg) of children’s jeans. Compare prices among many websites to find the best deal.

Ask for donations to your friend’s neighbors and the community. Make a collection of clothes in a public space, advertise with posters and accept to be donated. Best of all, you can place an ad in the local newspaper or at some local online event site and offer to collect donations. In the advertisement you can request the type of clothes you want to collect. Keep in mind that most people are more likely to donate to a philanthropic and low cost shop than to a high-end vintage store. Continue to accept donations once your business is established, leaving a box in the parking lot or near the counter in your store.