How to get credit to buy a house in 2013

There are at least six things that are in our hands and will bring us one step more to the desired funding get a bank to finance us buying our House is a complicated in 2013. After the end of the bubble, Spanish banks “closed the tap” of credit in order to reduce their non-performing loans and reach the capital requirements dictated by Europe, after the Spanish banking bailout.

Thus, while in the current context only banks appear to grant loans to the profiles more “prime”, do so with a medium profile is not impossible. It is necessary to know well your requirements in a very difficult economic time, which grant credits to customers not come too in their plans, according to the comparison of financial products HelpMyCash.

get credit to buy

Can we do something to increase the chances of getting a mortgage? The answer is Yes. There are at least six things that are in our hands and will bring us one step more to the desired funding:

1 Search at least three banks at once, including any online. In this way, if a bank does not grant it us, we still have other options. And if you have more than one interested in giving us the mortgage, we can choose the most appropriate. The application of online banks is easy to process since you don’t need to leave the House, so we don’t waste time if we also include them in our list of potential lenders.

2 Adapt the price of the House to our income. Remember that the mortgage fee may not exceed 35% of our monthly income and that the Government is going to ban mortgages for more than 30 years. (Calculates free and in a minute: you can afford that House?)

3 Provide a good entry. If the vast majority of mortgages require to contribute an entry of 20% of the value of the property, we will win many points of trust with the entity if we can disburse one higher percentage. Moreover, providing more capital at the beginning is possible to negotiate down the interest on the loan.

4. Better to be two headlines that one, especially if the two are active, since it is more difficult that two people at the same time remain unemployed, and that gives guarantees to the Bank.

5 Buy a property in its portfolio. Thus, we will be more likely to get the mortgage and the Bank may finance us to 100% of the operation, with flexibility of payment, paid pricing and several other advantages.

6 Maintain a close relationship. Years ago we have the payroll in a Bank, or a pension plan or any other products, such as insurance, term deposits or shares; If the entity knows well our financial history and our ability to pay, this will be the bank where more easily get to trust us.

Ultimately, it is the entity offering all possible formulas that guarantee you that we are perfectly capable of returning the money that we lent. And the first rule for this is, obviously, be convinced of our own capacity to pay, well because we have stable income, seniority, a titular second with fixed income, other property or resources, etc.

Otherwise, the best will opt for a lesser term, as rental commitment, and not mortgaged us until our situation will not change. It should bear in mind that a mortgage is an inescapable commitment since the day of the signing, which will mark our monthly economy for years.