The 1962 generation Sansanos visit the USM and relive their days as students

A great affection for the University and strong bonds between colleagues of generation, were the reasons that these former students had to meet and put a day with his comrades for a lifetime. A group of alumni of the Universidad Santa María, belonging to the Department of mechanical engineering 1962 generation, visited the House of studies to participate in a meeting which was filled with nostalgia and memories about their passage through the classrooms.

On the occasion, attendees shared along with their wives and former colleagues in a spirit of camaraderie, touring the facilities of the USM, the institutional Museum, workshops and laboratories, talking about the influence that was his alma mater, both in their professional performance and in his private life, after 50 years of graduation.

projections to future

The event was attended by Patricio Carrasco, Luis Garay, Hans-Joachim Kramer, Rudolf Luck, Arnoldo Macaya, Enrique Olmos, Claudio Perl, Ludwig Vetter and Hernán Virreira, and their wives, as well as the professors of the Department of engineering mechanics Guillermo Gonzalez and Fernando Carvajal.

Luis Garay explains that they always try to maintain contact between colleagues of generation and, therefore, from time to time arises the initiative meet. This time, they wanted to return to the site where they formed as professionals.

“It is a very nice, very significant and exciting, experience because it is back to the roots of one, to everything that has accompanied him to one over 50 years of practice of the profession, with a fabulous preparation. It is to relive wonderful memories of a wonderful time, of all these friends who are no longer University colleagues, are friends who are in the soul and one can never be separated from them,”he says.

He also adds that “when one encounters a sansano is as if you were with a Chilean on other side of the world. There is a stamp and a sense of belonging is very strong.”

On the other hand, Hans-Joachim Kramer mentions that “this University is very significant for us, because it is that us has formed to life, the profession. In my student days I had not foreseen that forty or fifty years later we would be faced again with the emotion with which we are now. “We hope continue gathering us while the old permits.”

During his visit, former students were also welcomed by the rector of the University, José Rodríguez, with whom he talked about the current reality of campus, projections to future and the early conclusion of the 80 years of the institution.