New generation of engineers running on risk prevention was titled in emotional ceremony

28 professionals of USM headquarters conception received his diploma for university graduates and the recognition of teachers and relatives. Years of effort yielded its fruits for 28 engineering students running on prevention of risks of the conception headquarters. And it is that day, all of them received their diplomas for university graduates in the Campus Santiago Vitacura of the Universidad Tecnica Federico Santa María, where the race, is given to the University authorities, and their friends and family.

The ceremony attended by students of three generations (2010, 2011 and 2012) was launched with a brief historical overview of USM headquarters conception, which later gave way to the taking of the oath of those students who fulfilled the requirements of degree between August 2009 and July 2012. Thus, Eduardo Aracena, Secretary Docente de la Concepcion headquarters, was responsible for declaring the commitment to the new graduates so that they carry out the profession with deep respect and seeking the welfare of the community.

generation of engineers

After this oath, Concepcion headquarters Director Hernan Paredes, along with the engineering program manager, Ricardo Vera, awarded the diplomas of titles to students, who became new professionals.

Subsequently, a string trio graced the ceremony, and “Federico Santa Maria” gave way to the delivery of the academic distinction to Alejandro Bravo (generation 2010) students, Rosemary Winser (generation 2011) and Maria Helia Victoria Ruiz (generation 2012), who also was the student who gave the speech on behalf of the graduates.

“From today the trust of many people (…) is deposited in our hands. In our hands is the responsibility to make each space a safe place”, said Maria Helia Victoria Ruiz, who also thanked the support of teachers and relatives in this achievement of becoming professionals, recalling the long way and sacrifice that meant for each one of the titled complement work, classes and family time.

Then went the Director of USM headquarters conception, Hernan Paredes, who, on this occasion, noted that “being a graduate of our University magnifies them, but it also enhances all our institution that sees the end of a good process in which we have been joyfully”.