Blister Pack appoints General Manager

The company appointed as General Manager Mario Andreatta in order to consolidate and expand its operations in Argentina Blister Pack, announced the appointment of Mario Andreatta as General Manager in Argentina. Among its objectives the flaming Blister Pack General Manager said: “Being over the business from the commercial, organizational, administrative, and in all areas.

I joined to develop Blister Pack from the commercial and legal in the first instance but now that the structure is unified with Extended Warranties able to develop and expand throughout the business as a whole. ” “We must consolidate and strengthen the bond with our customers. Professionalizing the daily work improving the result of the service we provide and also seek to expand our portfolio of retails, regionally focusing our structure.

Blister Pack appoints

We have the great challenge of taking Blister Pack as many households as possible with an innovative product that simplifies day-to-day lives of our customers. “He announced Mario Andreatta and stressed:” We go to meet planned objectives month, expanding business, strengthening our structure as well as the relationship with our customers. ” “We have incorporated the structure resources, dividing the country into regions, assigning each to a responsible manner to attend more frequent and personalized to each and each of the clients.

We believe that in this way we can improve attention and speed of response to each. We plan to add new resources in the short term, to focus attention on each outlet. Fulfilling visits, trainings, meetings, but mainly with the answers in the time the channel needs. “Andreatta analyzed and stressed:” Another key point of our strategy is to increase and improve our network Net Guaranty It includes services around the country catering guarantees cases who need it.

Our key is the immediacy and effectiveness of the response to the end customer. To do this, we work every day with a team that contacts them, check their suitability and reliability to carry out the task. This forces us to increase our call structure. It has doubled in the last quarter, with more additions planned in the next month. In addition to these points, day to day work in innovative products and services that we bring to our customers, improving supply daily to the public. ” \ “The appointment of Mario is the first step in our plan to consolidate and expansion in Argentina, is a very talented professional with extensive knowledge of the market across the country.’re convinced that it is the person we were looking for and the key to all our people along with us to meet the challenges in 2013. “argued Sebastian Larrea, President of Blister Pack.

“Blister Pack is an innovative, novel and complementary (not substitute) which nets retail chains incremental compensation to the current, as it may be marketed as a commodity.” explained Sebastian Larrea and added: This is a new product that is already marketed through retail chains and outlets under an innovative format for contracting services and insurance. Put simply, safely and quickly, the consumer may purchase coverage for your home, purse or wallet and portable electronics.

Andreatta Mario Gabriel is 34 years old, is Business Manager (CAECE) and has a Post Graduate in Agro Business (UBA). Conducted coaching courses, sales, marketing and after-sales . joined Extended Warranties in January 2012 as commercial manager for its excellent results and was appointed General Manager for Blister Pack. previously served as General Manager of Atlantic Network Services, Official Agent of course, ADT and Direc tv for 6 years.

Andreatta is married and has 2 children. Likes basketball and sports in general. About Blister Pack. Great solutions in small packages Blister Pack is an Argentina company created with the objective of achieving an innovative service that provides the ability to the final consumer to acquire a wide range of services and insurance at any retail chain, and finance. Allianz Insurance supports its operation.