British Gas business electricity rates and a three-pronged attack are cutting costs

Despite the on-going electricity price hikes caused by changes in the world fuel and energy markets, British Gas has continued to save their customers money. This seems like a tall order in the currently economic climate but over 550,000 business customers would agree that British Gas business electricity rates have remained the cheapest around, and cheaper still when the additional discounts and services offered have come into play.

British Gas don’t want to see their customers paying out more than they need to so have fine-tuned their services to make sure that each business customer can take advantage of the competitive British Gas business electricity rates and ultimately save money.

Gas business

The first step towards helping customers save money has been to assign a dedicated account manager to all business customers. The reason for this is to have someone who has up to date information about the business, its size, function and needs, which can be used to apply the correct discounts, tariffs and money saving features. As well as cheap British Gas business electricity rates, customers can always expect a personalised service.

The second step to helping customers to save money is to find the right tariff and lock the unit price down, safeguarding against price hikes, by offering fixed price contracts. These are great for helping a business budget and reduce costs as customers can be sure that they will pay no more than the unit price that was agreed upon at the beginning of the contract term.

The third step, once all of the correct offers, discounts and tariffs have been discussed and applied, is to look at decreasing usage. Alongside low British Gas business electricity rates customers have access to free energy efficiency advice which will help businesses reduce their usage and in turn cut the cost of their electricity bills.

Between the competitive British Gas business electricity rates on offer and the additional three-pronged proactive method of helping customers save money, it is clear why so many people are choosing British Gas Business to help them manage their business electricity accounts.