Businessman Francisco Bassas discussed in his first book

DOMA, Contradoma and deafness analyzes through experiences and experiences of the author, as the man, suffering from child a “Taming” persistent, which must disclose adult if you want to pursue their dreams and achieve their aims education or imposition? is really needed so much denial when we’re children?

Francisco Bassas (Sant Cugat del Vallès, 1938), catalan and co-owner Tecnotrans Bonfiglioli entrepreneur part in dressage, Contradoma and deafness of the idea of that in childhood, not us educated, if that is not Taming. Later, the individual is revealed, necessarily against this teaching with the “contradoma”. That revelation and the mode in which it is made, is key in shaping a story full of dreams fulfilled and goals reached. Thus, Bassas reviews through learned experiences, how he came to be in it today that is, an entrepreneur and renowned businessman who continues with the same curiosity and concern by acquiring knowledge and new experiences.


DOMA, contradoma and deafness is a compendium of prosaic and poetic writings on wide variety of topics in which he discusses his own experiences, under the central idea of education as an imposition and necessary rebellion of man to achieve their goals.

“The life of man is a constant doma that the less pejorative name of education has been.” (…) Small us doman with the whip of the no. The constant no which kills our instinct to do whatever we want, even if it is dangerous. With the odd back our desire to learn by ourselves, and even if there is a Yes, this is more negative than affirmative. They tell us what should be and how should be. Later, already for the elderly, we act always very convinced of what we do, at the same time that we are required to be responsible for our actions. (…) Some cannot be a child playing with fire, but sometimes we would have liked a little burn. “Knowledge of the taste of fire.” (Dressage, contradoma and deafness, Francisco Bassas).

Technical details of the book
Title: Dressage, contradoma and deafness
Author: Francisco Bassas Bas
Pages: 205
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About the author: Francisco Bassas Bas
Francisco Bassas Bas was born on January 25, 1938 in Barcelona (the same day which saw the last aurora borealis on Catalonia). Married with two sons (fully emancipated). Of profession entrepreneur, business professor at the University of Barcelona, has combined their duties as co-owner of your company with the writing. He has published 34 issues of the \”Informativo Tecnotrans Bonfiglioli SA\ business magazine” between 1984 and 2008, with a circulation of 10,000 copies of each issue. ” Has recently published \”Hipotesis on the invention of Dios\”. “