How to write a proposal or a formal business plan

If you want to secure funding to open a new business, you need written for investors and potential lenders proposal. The proposal should include a business plan to show how will handle the company . A comprehensive plan includes a description of the product or service, marketing strategies and a total budget.

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Write a proposal to obtain funds by focusing on what you will ask the lender or investor or potential and they get in return. The proposal may take the form of a letter or two pages. Your business plan should include details of what you propose. Start with one or two short paragraphs considering exactly what you want; then briefly describes the product or service, along with financial projections. Finish with your credentials, skills and experience that qualify you to start, manage and make the business successful.


Dale format your business plan with a cover, index, abstract, body business plan, budget and appendix. The Small Business Administration and the Central Service U.S. Retired Executives offers free sample business plans on their sites. Create a cover page that includes the business name, the logo of the company , your name, contact information and date.

Write an executive summary of no more than one page and highlights the facts of your business plan. Brindes No details or arguments in the abstract. The reader knows that argumentarás in the body of the plan. Raises what the product or service, what will be the financial performance and why there is likely to succeed. A concise executive summary often covers half a page or less.

Create the body of your plan, consisting of different sections that cover your research, projections and how to operate the company . These sections may also include the product or service description, market analysis, marketing strategy, the table of organization and budget with income and potential expenses. Each section may contain several subtitles; for example, under the marketing strategy you can include research, brand development, advertising, public relations and promotions. Place a divider between each section page.

Create a budget that projects revenues and expenditures. Provides conservative and optimistic for sales and expense projections. Exhibits cash flow detailing how much revenue is expected and when to pay expenses; You can do this with a spreadsheet to raise monthly income and expenses. To let them know how much money lenders and investors should take before beginning to recover.

Make an appendix that includes marketing materials, resumes of employees or key board members, letters of recommendation, letters of credit, you have made ​​studies and other materials to support you. You can also include the budget in this section.