Born the first Portal of agencies of communication and media cabinets

The institution aims to enhance communication as a strategic tool in the plans of company and business organizations, as well as to facilitate the task of finding the perfect agency through a custom search engine.

Barcelona, March 8, 2011-the main objective of this innovative web is to promote activities that more companies reflect on how important that are services that are offered in a communications agency or a press office and what measure can help them to make themselves known, and thus to improve their economic performance.

media cabinets

The portal has a next-generation search engine specially created to provide agencies associated with the directory, the maximum number of contacts of companies interested in the services of communication agencies and press offices. On the other hand, search engine has also been designed so that companies can find an easy and comfortable way of the services that most fit your needs both economic and communicative.

The agencies listed in the directory will be able to receive requests from potential customers, capture contacts interested in their services and increase their presence on the Internet. In this way, through the redirection of agencies from the Portal Web pages customers access the Web pages of the agencies will be much faster and more direct, thus, increasing the traffic.

The Portal of communication and agencies press cabinets also offers all the news of the sector, notes on communication strategies, best practices, and a section dedicated to public relations. Also, also publishes success stories of companies that tell in first person the benefits, advantages and media coverage that have obtained after having contracted the services of an agency of communication or a press office.

The idea of creating this website arises from the need to spread the message that today more that never is essential to have the services of an agency of communication and/or press office in the development of the daily operations of any company. The promoter does not-for-profit and is supported by communication agencies and media cabinets throughout the country.