Financing risk associated with benefits

We help companies to study various methods of financing risk associated benefits. Among the proposed solutions include the use of captive insurance (ideal formula for multinationals that want to manage the costs of their benefits program and the corresponding risk in the world), multinational pooling, management choice of provider and brokerage world.

Financing risk

Aon you the benefit of both its expertise in consulting global benefits and local knowledge of almost all markets. Our size, our range of resources and experience enable us to design a unique solution benefits, globally integrated, which uses the best resources of Aon Hewitt, Aon Global Risk Consulting and Aon Benfield.

Our geographic presence and our unique capabilities combine with a unique expertise in the following areas:

¤ Consultation comprehensive benefits, including mergers and acquisitions
¤ Consulting and captive insurance regulations
¤ Management and administration of captive insurance
¤ Actuarial matters, tax and accounting
¤ Reinsurance and alternative risk transfer

Our approach and systems, which have been proven, guarantee a partnership of strategic and tactical (implementation), supported by improved processes for financial management, governance and administration that provide a distinct value.

Greater Insight: Internet platform for managing employee benefits and compensation in the world

Aon Hewitt recently launched its platform Greater Insight overall management benefits. This next generation tool is far ahead of other systems on the market and is characterized by greater flexibility and advanced analysis capabilities.

The platform is ideal to help companies in several countries to analyze and manage financial data and the provisions of their benefit programs and pay. Its features and functions include the following:

¤ Discrete input and dynamic data, which contributes to the accuracy of the information, radio buttons and drop-down menus that facilitate and control the input.
¤ Comprehensive audits of compliance and regulatory requirements, to the point of attachment, non-conforming aspects of signage and regular updates on legislative changes for better compliance in general.
¤ Powerful analytical capabilities in real time, including tables and charts, which measure the cost of programs from payroll, by country and by type of program, and identify trends.
¤ Custom reports juxtaposed with data for several countries that compare programs based on common practices and regulations.
¤ Over 70 standard models, already filled, which help to capture data on benefit programs, compensation and HR policies and ability to add custom templates.

These features allow you to make better decisions in terms of pay and benefits and provide you with:

¤ a clear idea of ​​the true cost of programs and performance of your investment;
¤ a real-time information to develop strategies to reduce costs including the pooling multinational, the lists of suppliers at preferential rates, other mechanisms for provisioning and overall benefits of the restructuring plan according to local data analysis;
¤ greater consistency across the country;
¤ assurance that programs are consistent with local laws.