Finance and insurance

Which is already in operation today in d to as a seeker of financial services, covering the need to spec fica of not having to go to search Bank by Bank, causing long queues or have open 10 pages of internet with the portals of banks. But are you going to be able to search, compare and find the best Pr stamos, cards of Cr dito and Dep fixed-term in the form order r, f cil and without having to register.

finance and insurance

ElMejorTrato aims to meet the customers need to have a clear and efficient n comparison, saver presenting them with at the same time, effort and money in the search and comparison n of all entities. The service offered to users is completely free. Image Surgi idea to observe that in the market room to a large number of financial and banking entities that emit an Pr stamos, while on the other side of the sidewalk, people looking for those Pr stamos availab an by short time to explore all the options and choose the m s suitable to your needs.

Example: If someone is looking for a pr 3 $10,000 personal loan to you in the city of C rdoba, you will enter these three data and as a result get all entities that emit a loan with these character pr features and power as a comparison n in just seconds, in a single place and choose this way, option n to m s fits to your needs. is specialized in the comparison of Pr n stamos, displaying and comparing: all the Pr stamos personal, Cr credits for mortgages and Cr credits Prendarios of Argentina (with their requirements, rates, approximate fee and all the necessary information). started with a n members of a Total of 150,000 initial investment d lares, which were used mainly for the development of technology as also to publicize the company in this new world of Internet (our communication channel n m s strong are own customers or users than to see our utility is it were recommending to your friends(, the famous and well known as the mouth in the mouth).

N planning time was 4 months, during weekends when not have masters who go to work for jobs from Monday to Friday. Thank you to all of our users have been met our expected objectives and we now seek to expand hac PA ses lim preventable as a first step. Generally, so that its functionality is better understood, to it can be seen as Google, an engine search, only that specialized in financial services, where the user will be able to search and find all the Pr stamos from all Argentina. Our goal is the expansion hac to other areas such as the auto insurance, life and home. As also seek to reach Latinoam rica starting with Brazil, Per, Chile and Uruguay.