Entrepreneurship for Latin America specialized in Finance and Insurance

Entrepreneurship which started in early 2009 with the development that is already in operation today as a seeker of Financial Services, covering the specific need of not having to go find Bank by Bank, causing long queues hold or have 10 pages open Internet with banks portals. But you will be able to search, compare and find the best Loans, Credit and Term Deposits quickly, easily and without having to register. elMejorTrato.com The goal of is to fulfill the need for customers to have a compared clear and efficient, saving them time, effort and money in searching and comparing all entities. The service offered to users is free. The idea arose from observations that market had a lot of Banking and Financial Institutions that issued loans, while the other side of the sidewalk, people seeking these loans there was little time to explore all the options available and choose the most suitable to your needs.


Way of example, if someone is looking for a personal loan of $ 10,000 to three years in the city of Cordoba, will be able to enter data and obtain three results all entities issuing a loan with these characteristics and thus be able to make a comparison in seconds, in one place and choose in this way, the option that best suits your needs. elMejorTrato specializes in comparing loans, showing and comparing: all Personal Loans, Mortgages and Credits Credits Pledge of Argentina (with its requirements, fees, and all approximate share required information).

ElmejorTrato.com started with an initial investment of members from a total of $ 150,000, which was used primarily for the development of technology and also to publicize the company in this new internet world (our strongest communication channel are own customers or users to see our utility were recommending it to their friends, the famous and well known as “word of mouth”.) Planning time was for 4 months, at weekends when we had to go to work at our respective jobs Monday through Friday. Thanks to all our users have achieved our desired objectives and now we did expand neighboring countries as a first step.

Generally, for a better understanding of their functionality, to elMejorTrato.com you can see how Google, a search engine, one that specializes in financial services, where the user will be able to search and find all the Loans of all Argentina. Our goal is to expand towards other items such as Car Insurance, Life and Home. So we also get to Latin America starting with Brazil, Peru, Chile and Uruguay. Three Books I recommend to all excellent Entrepreneur: • “The World Is Flat” by Thomas L. Friedman: It helps us see the world we live differently and with great view of context that comes to everyone in this century.

“Passion for Entrepreneurship” Andy Freire: Great book for anyone who is thinking or that this starting with your own company or business. • “The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People” by Stephen R. Covey.: Very useful for generating the base needed to grow ourselves in any sphere of life.