The 10 selected projects ranging from home cooking service to a power marketer, to gourmet and organic market and a leisure club for women online. The ten selected candidates will present their elevator pitch to the Keiretsu Forum, the largest club private investors in the world, being able to receive funding from 50,000 to 1,000,000 euros. and ONO bet so by force of women entrepreneurship and join eShow-the largest fair of E-Commerce, Online Marketing, Hosting & Cloud Social Media and Spain-and offers opportunities to entrepreneurs who wish to establish, maintain or increase their online business. companies in sectors as diverse as pharmaceuticals, entertainment, technology, catering, raffles, electricity … are part of a select group of 10 companies that have made ​​the top 10 of Womenalia StartUp Day by ONO. Among other online selling pharmacy products ensures that participation in the StartUp Womenalia Day by ONO “has been a great springboard for the possibility of contact with investors and entrepreneurs meet other women with the same interests. ” Moreover Eva Martin Villaró of , which includes the catalogs of major distributors, says that “most seemed very interesting projects, there will be been easy to choose 10 finalists among the candidates.


” And in another area of things Carlota Pi, founder of that markets electricity in homes and SMEs claims that were submitted to the contest “because there are few initiatives that support women entrepreneurs. ” Dynamic Contest This contest is conducted under the eShow Madrid 2012 to be held on 26 and 27 September. The event is free both days and can be ordered over the Internet. Throughout the day on the 27th, an expert committee of Keiretsu Forum will select the best startup founded and developed by a user of Womenalia from among the finalists.

This recognition will allow the winning company to promote their visibility in the market, and will provide all the finalists the opportunity to be exposed in a reference. The ten finalists will candidates from this point: • Micro stand in the area Womenalia StartUp Day by ONO within eShow event on September 26 – 12,000 visitors • The opportunity to present their project to the Investors Forum Keiretsu. (Keiretsu Forum members have invested EUR 6.9 million in 24 operations in companies). The presentation will consist of a 10 minute elevator pitch. • Speed ​​audit Womenalia the CEO of the days before the event to prepare your elevator pitch to investors. • Services exclusive interviews • Management Yet StartUp only the winner will get: • Mentoring Program • advertising campaign • Press release and media to disseminate statements • One year Insertion Guide for Busy Women of Womenalia • Insertion of section 3 deals Employment Womenalia Throughout the day on 27, take part in the area in the eShow Womenalia, expert reference entrepreneurs leading a startup that has achieved success. So, share their expertise with attendees, Alberto Artero, Director General of the Confidential; Alfredo Ouro, CEO & Founder of Hall St., Elena Gómez del Pozuelo, President and businesswoman Adigital and Sara Werner, founder & CEO of . Subsequently, the candidates present their elevator pitch to the Investor Forum Keiretsu. Keiretsu Forum members have invested to date 6.9 million in 24 operations in companies and may provide financing of between 50,000 and 1 million euros to projects they consider most interesting. ‘s 10 startups selected are: 1. : online selling community Pharmaceuticals products. 2. : web and mobile applications that bring together all current catalogs and brochures in the retail, 3. : Traditional home cooking service home in the Community of Madrid 4 : Business ecosystem network, intelligent management software that allows the autonomous and small business, take the complete management of your business 5. : online sweepstakes platform. 6. : electricity distributor, specializing in customer segment of household behavior: households and SMEs 7 : technology platform that provides businesses with the qualified expert knowledge in any area, activity sector and 8. : first leisure club for women in the network. A space created by women and aimed at real women. 9. : marketplace that sells food directly from the producer, organic and gourmet 10 : (Social Enterprise Network)-Collaborative work, from a screen with quick access panels. Womenalia About’s mission is to create a social network of Global Professional Women Networking to help encourage and promote the presence of women in leadership positions in start-ups or self generation -employment. To do this, Womenalia offers professional women online collaborative platform that integrates social networking, content portal and professional tools. The ultimate goal is that users can develop more quickly and efficiently professionally also promoting its visibility and reputation in its markets. has more than 110,000 users on the platform and a forecast for this 2012 to overcome the 200,000. Currently present in Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin and YouTube. About ONO ONO is the leading communications and entertainment fiber in Spain. Provides telecommunications services value to SMEs, large companies and institutions.

Moreover, ONO also offers an integrated, telephone, television and Internet services to residential and business customers. ONO has the largest fiber optic network own generation available in Spain for more than 7 million users. ONO closed the year 2011 with € 1,485 million total revenue and € 748 million operating profit (EBITDA). Currently present in Twitter, Facebook, Blog. eShow About: eShow is the professional exhibition and conference e-commerce, online marketing, hosting and cloud computing, social media and mobile marketing leader internationally. eShow is the meeting point for any company and professional performing or want to do business on the Internet: online stores or electronic stores, entrepreneurs, advertisers, advertising agencies and marketing, and SMEs.

Network has become an antidote to the crisis for companies that are new and effective ways to target your customers and users, and for all those entrepreneurs and small businesses that open new business in the online world as a market. Sao Paulo With dating, Istanbul, Barcelona and Lisbon in September eShow gather in Madrid for more than 12,000 trade visitors, 100 exhibitors and over 200 free lectures, forums, workshops and side events. Upcoming editions: MADRID, 26 and September 27, 2012 LISBON, 9 and October 10, 2012 ISTANBUL, 20 and 21 February 2013 BARCELONA, 13 and March 14, 2013 SAO PAULO, 19 and 20 June 2013