57% Of women felt that there was a female management style

According to a study conducted by Womenalia, women think that there is a different form of directed by women. In the same way, 55% consider it necessary to incorporate in the companies that style of leadership that it would promote the reconciliation of work and family life there is a specific form of address of women? More than half of women think so. As it can be seen from the study “The woman professional in the 21st century” conducted by Womenalia, 57.5% of Spanish women considers that does exist a feminine style of leadership. Of that percentage, 55% is in favour of incorporating it in Spanish companies, because they believe it would help to promote the reconciliation of work and family life.

How to target women?
Women who believe that there is the style of female leadership agree to define it as a style of direct practical, participatory and direct, which encourages collaboration between the leader and the subordinate. He is a form of address that is committed to the management of the human talent, taking the best of each worker for each project. Similarly, women managers favour the interaction and dialogue and get the involvement and commitment of the teams. And, in short, is a type of leadership that manages the involvement and commitment of workers, angular piece of business.


And men?

Are the two forms of direct complementary? In how to lead men, women think that you it’s a kind of direction in which raw competitiveness and personal success. And it’s a leadership focused on short-term in that time management is based on the number of hours in the Office. The vast majority of women workers considered that the male and female leadership style are complementary, and should therefore be present in equal parts in the company. They believe that the coexistence of both would benefit equality of opportunity. However, as it is clear from the study that isn’t so, because 40.6 per cent of women who work self-employed (56%) say that the presence of women in senior positions in their companies is null or less than 25%. In the view of the workers, the barriers with which women are when it comes to climbing posts are: the time of dedication to the post (25.8%), the difficulties to reconcile (30.2%) and inequality of gender (30.5%). They also emphasize the lack of internal promotion in enterprises (32.5%).

Proposals to remove the shackles of vocational promotion of women some proposed concrete of this collective to eliminate these barriers are: introduce real measures for reconciling family life and professional (telecommuting or corporate childcare), flexible working hours, European working hours, working by objectives and assessment results, as well as the greater involvement of the departments of RR.HH. at the time of detecting talent. About Womenalia.com Womenalia.com mission is creating a social network of global Networking of women professionals who help promote and boost the presence of women in decision-making positions, entrepreneurship or self-employment generation. To do this, Womenalia provides professional women a collaborative online that integrates social networking, portal platform for contents and professional tools. The ultimate goal is that users can develop professionally more rapidly and effectively promoting further its visibility and notoriety in their relevant markets.

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