To beat the competition takes a different approach from fast food business

There are times in ideas that one already has carried them out another entrepreneur and with good results, so one can be discouraged and believe that there is nothing else to do, and can fall into paralysis thinking that everything is already done and there is nothing new that works.

the concept of business

This is not true, since sample are innovative ideas that are put into practice every day, although not all find new ideas easily so good advice can be used a business idea that is already running and improve it.

This is the same as did Ray Kroc, who despite not being the creator of one of the world’s most influential companies such as McDonald’s, was the founder of the fast food chain; Let me explain better, it was that drove the franchise company and expanded the business of Californian restaurant of route 66 on a large chain of fast food known worldwide.

With his vision of entrepreneur, noticed the first time that he met this business, which had all the essentials for success due to the cleanliness of the premises, the speed with which catered to the clientele and the quality of the food, so he bought the company.

But wasn’t enough to make it succeed, had to find this idea that catapultaría it to fame, and found her in the franchises that already existed, including McDonald’s and other restaurants that had been doing before Kroc came. But Kroc took a different approach in the concept.

That’s what did Kroc, took the idea and improved, keeping tight control over its franchises, making sure that all restaurants across the country keep their business practices and standards of cleanliness.

In addition to begin leasing or renting their properties to the franchisee, the real business of McDonald’s came to light, what the McDonald’s Corporation has created the world’s largest restaurant chain, with its business model has inspired thousands to launch own fast food business.

McDonald’s in spite of the great flavor of its Potato Fries and burgers is not a business selling fast food but is now a rule of property and estate.

As they saw an improved idea can best succeed if only add some originality.