Family protocols

Regulate different aspects in the family so that business will endure, provide and follow a protocol to make the idea or vision of an entrepreneurial founder transcend to the next generations, is what the Proteus consultant via the “family Government”. Every day is more urgent and important to a family, so be owner of a small industry, and a large group of companies, is her Familiar Protocol, i.e., a tool to identify its uniqueness in business and strengthen their unity, generating commitments and agreements. To establish rules governing various aspects of the family as an entrepreneur in relation to business and property, strengthening the competitive advantages of this

“Constitute the family protocol is one of the key pieces that promotes the transition from being a family a family business,” explains the President of Proteus Management Consulting and doctorate in management of companies, University of Liverpool, Gonzalo Jiménez. “The pattern is to define a vision shared by all, its mission and wondering” what do we want to be?, and how we want to project us? “.” Do we want to be a family that is perpetuated through generations as an entrepreneur looking for the best moment to sell, or if you are going wrong, take again another business? Everything will depend on the resources, skills, knowledge and talents to do business that has the family; “that is so enterprising it is”, added the Economist.

Family protocols

No matter the size of the Organization, when the family is presented as objective remain United to do business together, then they have a big challenge: establish good familiares-empresariales practices that avoid future conflicts that are detrimental to business and damage to the family. “Generations, since their youth, be ‘involved’ in the business this with the aim of creating in them what experts call ’emotional property’, love for the family and the business.” Sometimes, these generations are of many members that can not be known well and have no close ties; then is required to promote relationship and family ties, whether holidays, weekend lunches, Championships, end of year dinners. “Families are very creative and according to their interests is what they do to join, as a good strategic plan, are activities that are reflected in the Protocol for its implementation,” says Maria Pia Bartholomew, psychologist consultant specialist in Government family of Proteus.

As a tool with which are established standards and norms that are articulated in a process of dialogue and talks strategic enabling the family business face conflicting issues of business risk, the protocols are also a legal guarantee, for example, against financial institutions.

“Given that protocols are embodied in a document with agreements and long-term commitments, banks are demanding that families have with companies and a common heritage have her Familiar Protocol, including legally binding.” In fact they are a shelter, knowing the difficulties that often exist as discrepancies that may end up in the division or dissolution of business. “The Bank feels safer working with that particular family and their companies, because they have everything regulated”, explains Maria Pia Bartholomew.

The Familiar Protocol is also used to ensure equity between Executive family and from them with their employees. For example, define a system of remuneration according to the function that each Member exerts within the company and not by the degree of kinship. Ensure, through a formal selection process, who assumes a post has the skills and preparation to do so and not because it is “son or nephew”. Define, for example, that the conditions of family managers will be equal (or not) to the non-family managers in terms of days of holidays, performance bonuses and other benefits. These measures which should make transparent the Organization, conducive to a better climate in the company and are also a contribution to the members of the Board should ensure the interests of the company you represent.