Family Business Idea

Beyond specific business sectors I cover in general and propose some forms of family business ideas , as well as tips for successful family business.

Family Business

Family Business Ideas 1. Food

This is the traditional twist where we see the participation of the entire family. The most important aspect to consider, from the standpoint of the customer and marketing, is the seasoning.

This is not innovation, but to satisfy customer needs through product taste and quality. That is the key to success I see in these business ideas type of family businesses .

Family Business Ideas 2. – Textile

The sale of clothing and textiles is also classical family business .In this kind of money, if it is important the participation of a family member who understands the consumer or niche market you are trying to sell.

For example, if youth clothing jeans, you need to take into account the point of view of the family member that is closest to the consumer that will buy.

Another important aspect is the sales staff must have a relationship (either in age or gender) to the customer entering the store. (Recommendation: create a business – keys and mistakes)

Family Business Ideas 3. Timeshare Business

An ideal family business, is one where any member can participate as a vendor or provide care business.

That’s why we see many family businesses like grocery stores, selling products first hand or those businesses that do not require expertise or knowledge of a product to sell.

Family Business Ideas 4. Integrated Business Plan

A rarely discussed in the family business is the development of the business plan. Generally, the dynamics is as follows: the father comes up with a business, implement, and the children will attend school when they return.

This pattern does not currently work, the children prefer to follow their careers to continue the family business .

It is therefore important that all parties involved before in business plan development, contribute ideas, experiences and develop research and financial markets together.

I recommend you check the course of CEUNA 2.0 , is designed for people with 0 experience in business, both parents and children understand how to make the plan.

Family Business Ideas 5. Teamwork

We hear a lot of teamwork, but not landing a reality. Teamwork does not mean that all provide the same amount of energy or do the same activities as well.

It’s about working together, so that everything works efficiently. For example, while the father may be responsible for finance, purchasing and inventory, the child may provide help in simple tasks such as inventory control and cash control.

That is, not measured in time or effort, but on what tasks the member is more efficient and can provide more.